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Galxe New Year Festival 2024 Guide
Galxe New Year Festival 2024 Guide

Participate in a celebratory New Year Festival as we head into 2024! Complete campaigns, get points and win a chance at exciting prizes.

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What is the New Year Festival 2024 on Galxe?

From December 26th to January 26th, Galxe is hosting an epic New Year Celebration, and we invite you to join the festivities!

With tons of rewards, everyone can participate in this celebratory event as we head into 2024.

Explorers, it's time to get in the spirit of giving and festivity. 🚀 🎁

The goal: Participate in as many campaigns as possible to receive points and climb the leaderboard.

The higher you rank, the more rewards you will be eligible for.

The sections of this guide:

Follow this guide for frequently asked questions, how to participate, and the rules.

ℹ️ Note: Galxe New Year Festival 2024 is a collection of campaigns and activities that the community can engage with to celebrate the upcoming year.

By participating in this campaign, users acknowledge that the campaign is a promotional activity, and the rewards are provided as an incentive for engagement.

Galxe reserves the right to modify the rules, rewards, or any other aspect of the campaign.

How to Participate in the New Year Festival 2024

An integral part of the New Year Festival is the point system.

What better way to start the New Year than a prizes-filled Festival? And, with around 200K in prize rewards up for grabs, start your year off on the right page and participate in the New Year Festival on Galxe!

All campaigns included in the Festival are marked with a special badge and found on the New Year Festival 2024 watchlist.

Everyone participating in campaigns that are part of the New Year Festival 2024 watchlist will receive points. For every 5 points you will get 1 raffle entry!

Earning New Year Points on Galxe

New Year Festival Task

Amount of Points

Max Amount of Points

Unique Festival Campaigns

3 Points / Campaign


Smart Balance Deposits

1 Point / $1 Deposited


Mint a Galxe Web3 Score

20 Points (Once)


Daily Galxe App Visit

1 - 10 Points
(Point Mystery Box)

Four times (4x) or 10 Points

Galxe Girl Holder

10 Points


Galxe Boy Holder

5 Points


New Year 2024 Festival Rules

The Festival also has rules for participation for both Space owners/admins and campaign participants. (Explorers)

If you follow the rules and are honest, you will have a lot of fun and potentially win prizes!

Spaces that create campaigns during the Festival may have direct criteria (requirements) for campaign tasks that Galxe does not control.

Credentials created by a Space are the responsibility of that Space, and they get curated by the owner or admin of the Space.

ℹ️ Note: Campaigns that give rewards that are NOT part of the final prize pool are the responsibility of the Space.

Rewards separate from the final prize pools are not Galxe's responsibility.

Festival Rules for Explorers

The rules below are for those participating in New Year Festival 2024 campaigns on Galxe.

During the festival there are some tasks that are recurring and there are rules to consider.

Recurring New Year Festival Tasks:

⭐️ Tip: The more raffle entries you earn during the festival, the higher your chances to get rewards!

Unique Festival Campaigns

All campaigns that are part of the New Year Festival get marked on Galxe with a badge!

Campaigns labelled with a "New Year Festival 2024" badge will count towards the event.

For every unique campaign completed you earn 3 points.

Campaigns on Galxe not labelled with a New Year Festival badge will not count.

Smart Balance Deposits

Smart Balance Deposits are based on whole dollars.

For example:

  1. If you deposit $2.1 = 2 points

  2. If you deposit $3.9 = 3 points

Tip: To get the most points, make sure to deposit full dollars.

Daily App Visit

Daily Galxe App Visit's are rewarded with a Point Mystery Box.

The max number of Daily Visits to Galxe App is set to four (4) or after you earn 10 Points.

You will get a random amount of points from 1 to 10.

Festival Rules for Spaces

The rules below are for Spaces wishing to participate in the New Year Festival 2024 on Galxe.

Rules for Space's participating in the New Year Festival on Galxe:

  1. Task Preparation

  2. Campaign Launch

  3. After Launch

  4. Forfeiture Rules​

⚠️ Wait: Spaces on Galxe found abusing the festival rules will get disqualified. And their campaign participants will be excluded from the results.

In additional situations where unforeseen events skew the festival results, Galxe has the final say.

Space Eligibility

There are a few basic eligibility rules for Spaces part of the festival:

  1. Space has the verified badge on Galxe. (Apply through the dashboard)

  2. Space has reached at least Tier 2.

Campaign Preparation

Refer to the rules below for campaigns that are part of the festival:

  1. Create a New Year Campaign via Campaign Template

  2. Set campaign period: 2023.12.26 UTC - 2024.01.26 UTC

  3. Choose reward types: OAT, NFT, Mystery Box

  4. Galxe Mobile App Weekly User is by default

  5. Avoid bots: use Galxe Web3 Score Holder in Participation Requirements

(Get extra marketing support from Galxe!)

ℹ️ Note: Custom rewards, Token rewards, and Discord Role rewards can be added to the campaign collection as optional rewards.

Tasks Preparation

Refer to the following rules for tasks that are part of campaigns during the festival:

  1. Add a maximum of 2 Socials tasks.

  2. At least ONE on chain/in-app task and the user cost should be less than $5.

  3. Credential Setting: GraphQL, Rest API, API, CSV, GoogleSheet.

  4. Add upload frequency for chosen CSV or Google Sheet.

  5. Add participation end time, the task participation deadline should be 3 days before Jan 26, 2024 UTC!

Campaign Launch

Refer to the following rules for launching a campaign that is part of the festival:

  1. Contact Live-chat Support for set up questions.

  2. Have Campaign FAQ ready & Inform Community.

  3. Submit the campaign before Jan 20,2024 via Live-chat Support.

After Launch

Refer to the following rules after launching a campaign during the festival:

  1. Promptly update Google Sheets or CSV to avoid claim disputes. (Raffle ends at Jan 26, 2024 UTC!)

  2. Submit user support Inquiry in Galxe Support Discord or Ticket.

  3. Remind users to participate & enter the raffle on Jan 26,2024.

Forfeiture Rules

Refer to the forfeiture rules of the festival to ensure that your campaigns qualify and participants will earn points correctly.

Refer to the graphic or table below for a detailed review of participation conditions for Spaces:

If the graphic is unclear, refer to the table below:


Forfeit Condition

No verification badge

Rewards hub is not level 2/ 3/ 4

Campaign template is not New Year 2024

Campaign period start date is not Dec 26, 2023 UTC

Campaign period end date is not Jan 26, 2024 UTC

Campaign recurrence is not once

Campaign type is not OAT, NFT, or Mystery Box

Campaign task setup exceeds two social tasks

Campaign task setup lacks either one on-chain or one in-app task

Campaign user cost exceeds $5 USD

Onchain/In-app credential setup lacks an activated participation end time

Onchain/In-app credential participation end time is after Jan 23, 2024 UTC

Credential setup lacks a stated update frequency (for CSV or Google Sheet credentials)

Campaign submission is not before Jan 20, 2024 UTC

Campaign submission is more than one per space

Campaign violates Galxe Terms of Service, manipulates Galxe processes, or is cause to revoke space verification badge.

Bonus Rewards for Participating Spaces

For all Spaces that participate in the festival, you’ll receive the perks below:

  1. A one time reward hub bonus of 50 points.

  2. Free Exposure!

New Year Festival 2024 Rewards

We have some pretty sweet prizes for participants!

You've got so many different ways to win BIG!

Not only will one lucky Astronaut win a Tesla ($32k), but we've also got (approximately) $200k worth of $GAL up for grabs!

Rewards get distributed based on the amount of New Year Points collected because you earn raffle entries for points. The more raffle entries the higher chances you will win a reward!

So rack up those points, for every 5 points you get 1 raffle entry.

New Year Festival 2024 Prizes


Number of Winners


Total Reward Pool


1 Lucky Winner


$32K Reward Value


100 Possible Winners

$1000 Per Winner

$100K in Rewards


700 Possible Winners

$100 Per Winner

$70K in Rewards

We are very excited to see the results!

Along with the Grand Prize of $32k and approximately 200k worth of GAL, each project has designed a New Year Celebration OAT for the community to mint!

Special Rewards During the New Year Festival

Finally, there is a special New Year treat for our Astronaut community 👩‍🚀

During Galxe's New Year Celebration, mint your Web3 Score using Smart Balance to receive a 20% discount. Web3 Score is like a VIP pass to the most fabulous party in town 🪩

Remember you need to use Smart Balance to access the Special Treat, so at the same time, we're offering a gas refund for your first three (3) transactions made through your Smart Balance during the celebration. (Your Smart Balance will receive the refund)

And, if you deposit $10 into Smart Balance, you will receive $5 in credits as a reward.

To participate regularly, you do not need to use Smart Balance, but using Smart Balance will earn you more points and Special Rewards during the Festival 😉

Enjoy explorers! Head to, fill up your Smart Balance and start completing New Year Festival 2024 campaigns.

ℹ️ Note: To earn the exclusive New Year Festival rewards, you must utilize Smart Balance on Galxe.

Transactions with Smart Balance are only useable on Galxe to pay transaction fees or interact with Galxe products and features.

Smart Balance serves no purpose whatsoever outside of Galxe.

New Year Festival 2024 FAQs

How do you get New Year rewards?

New Year Festival campaigns' prizes are distributed based on New Year leaderboard points.

The reward pool has up to 200K worth of prizes!

Festival participants who earn the most points will get a spot for a piece of the pie.

How are the points allocated for prizes?

For every five (5) points you earn participating in New Year Festival campaigns, you get one (1) entry into the draw for prizes.

Make sure to complete as many campaigns as possible. To get the best prizes, you must be the bravest explorer!

ℹ️ Note: 5 points = 1 lucky draw chance.

How do I increase my points?

Please refer to the Points section of this guide or the blog post to learn more about the New Year point system.

In jest, you can increase your points by participating in campaigns found in the New Year Festival watchlist, depositing into Smart Balance and completing the daily app visit challenge!

Campaigns that are part of the Festival and earn points get marked with a special badge that says "New Year Festival 2024."

⚠️ Wait: Participants on Galxe found abusing the festival rules or points will get disqualified. And their points will be excluded from the results.

In additional situations where unforeseen events skew the festival results, Galxe has the final say.

Join the New Year Festival 2024!

What are you waiting for? Let's get festive!

Head to Galxe now to take part in the New Year Festival 2024 🥳

Ensure you read the blog post, follow us on Twitter/X, join our Discord community and subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up-to-date.

Good luck, explorer, and we wish you an excellent new year full of Galxe rewards and prizes!

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