Galxe OATs: Reward and Celebrate Achievements

Explore Galxe OATs: Engage, reward, and celebrate exceptional achievements with gasless NFTs.

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OAT (Onchain-Achievement Tokens) are a representation of recognition and appreciation for users' outstanding efforts. Whether it's an impressive on-chain action or an off-chain accomplishment, OATs engage and reward users for their contributions.

One remarkable feature of OATs is the ability for projects to cover users' gas fees. By eliminating this financial barrier, projects can actively support and encourage their contributors, creating a more inclusive and seamless experience for everyone involved.

OAT is now available on the following chains:

  • Aptos

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche

  • BNB Chain

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

  • Manta

  • Mantle

Read more on covering users' gas fees through our Galxe Gas Station guide for more information on how to implement this feature.

To create this campaign...

Click “Create Campaign” and select “Campaign” or "Campaign Template"

Fill up the “Campaign Details” Component

a. Campaign Title (should be no more than 50 Characters)

b. Campaign Description & Date

c. OAT Media : PNG, JPG, GIF Max 20mb (1:1 circle) - The image you upload must be fully loaded to continue to the next page

d. Location: If OAT is used for offline events, input the event location

e. Network: OAT is currently available on Polygon Network and BNB Chain

f. Campaign Period (NFT Claim period on Galxe)

  • Select the NFT start and end claim time (as per your device time zone)

  • Activate the "No End Time" feature if the claim period has no end time

g. Permission

  • Public: campaign will be visible under the SpacePublic: campaign will be visible under the Campaign and Space page

  • Private: Campaign will be hidden from the Space page, and only accessible through the specified link

Fill up the “Credentials” Component

a. Toggle on the "Open to All" feature if the campaign is available for all users to claim

b. Select existing credential ID from the list (search function activated for all credentials)

c. Input the Entry (claim count: number of times an address/email is eligible to claim)

d. Click "Create New" to create a new credential not available under the Credential List

e. Click "+ Add new" for a different Entry and Credential

f. The "AND / OR" feature can be activated when selecting more than one credentials:

  • AND: All selected credentials in one row have to be fulfilled for users to be eligible for a selected number of entries

  • OR: Selected credentials in separate rows can be fulfilled for users to be eligible for various entries

Click "Save" to save the draft or click "Release" to release the campaign on Galxe immediately. All components must be completed with the tick emoji (✅) indicated, to activate the "Save"/"Release" feature.

Confirm to save or release the Campaign by clicking "Sign" on the signature request.

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