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Need some quick answers to your questions about Smart Balance?

Refer to our frequently asked questions below 👇

1. What is Galxe Smart Balance?

Galxe Smart Balance is an exciting and powerful feature available to all users of Galxe!

Smart Balance enhances your experience on Galxe.

Here's how:

  • Save Time: Deposit stable coins or GAL tokens, which you may use for various payments and transactions on Galxe.

  • Save Fees: Top up your balance to avoid network congestion, swap fees, and other network costs.

  • More Campaigns: If you save fees, you can complete more campaigns!

  • More Rewards: Smart Balance leads directly to more rewards, whether saving fees and earning more OATs/NFTs or earning special perks for being an active user of Smart Balance.

Using Smart Balance, you can reduce the amount of transactions you make and the amount of network fees you pay. Which means you increase the amount of rewards you get!

Top up your Galxe Balance & earn the ability to complete campaigns without worrying about what network you are on or if you have a balance!

With Smart Balance, you reduce the steps needed to verify a task, earn a credential and complete a campaign!

2. How do I top up my Smart Balance?

You can top up your Smart Balance in the top-up section of your account.

Smart Balance supports various stablecoins and cryptocurrencies, including USDC, USDT, ETH, BNB, and MATIC.

You can utilize one of our integrated wallets to top up your Smart Balance.

If you still need to bind a wallet to Galxe or create a profile, you will get prompted to make one during the deposit process.

Already have a wallet? You'll get asked to connect your wallet and sign a message confirming you're the owner.

3. What benefits do I get from using Smart Balance?

Choose Smart Balance as your preferred payment method and enjoy less fees overall.

For now, enjoy using Smart Balance for the following actions on Galxe:

  • Covering network fees, aka gas (Cover claim costs)

  • Covering Galxe Passport fees

After depositing into Smart Balance, your balance will automatically get used as your preferred payment method. You can turn off the toggle at any time.

⭐️ Tip: The first 10,000 with a Web3 Score of 800 or more will earn $2 in Smart Balance Credits when they deposit $10 or more!

4. What networks does Smart Balance support?

Smart Balance supports a variety of networks while using Galxe.

You may use the following networks for payments:

  • Arbitrum

  • Avalanche

  • Base

  • BSC

  • Ethereum

  • Fantom

  • Linea

  • Mantle

  • Okc

  • Optimism

  • Polygon

  • Zksync Era

5. What benefits do I get from using Smart Balance?

With Smart Balance, you can streamline transactions and save fees by maintaining a balance in your preferred currency.

Smart Balance allows you to use various blockchain networks without swapping tokens and paying additional fees.

It facilitates multiple transactions with a single signature, saving time and making the process more convenient.

⭐️ Tip: What would a Smart Balance be without Smart Rewards?

If you carry an active balance on Galxe and frequently use Smart Balance, you may be surprised by special promotional offers, like credit giveaways and access to additional features. 👾

6. Can I use Smart Balance for all payments on Galxe?

Good thinking! The goal is to make Smart Balance your payment rail across Galxe and, perhaps, the metaverse. 🌌

The main benefit of Smart Balance is making your experience on Galxe more seamless and efficient.

After all, shouldn't avid explorers get equipped with the best tools possible?

For now, enjoy using Smart Balance for the following things on Galxe:

  • Covering network fees, aka gas (Cover claim costs)

  • Covering Galxe Passport fees

Soon, we'll incorporate features into Smart Balance, such as buying NFTs and claiming token rewards.

Also, you may get access to our upcoming features and products like Galxe Premium, Alva (AI Chatbot) and new features/products like Galxe Score. 😉

ℹ️ Note: You can only use Smart Balance to cover network fees (gas payments) and mint a Galxe Passport.

7. What are the deposit rules for Smart Balance?

Deposits must adhere to a minimum of 5 USD.

Custom top-up amounts are allowed, you may top up your Smart Balance on Galxe with different wallets and tokens.

You can choose from options such as:


  • ETH

  • BNB


8. Is there an expiration time for credits in Smart Balance?

Yes, the credits in your Smart Balance have a validity period of 1 year.

To get the most out of your Smart Balance, complete a Campaign like MissionWeb3, Presented by Galxe.

⚠️ Wait: It's important to note that credits cannot be refunded or withdrawn after they are issued.

9. What currencies does Smart Balance support?

Smart Balance supports a variety of stablecoins and specific currencies for top-ups.

These include:


  • ETH

  • BNB


To top up your Smart Balance, click here. 🚀

ℹ️ Note: These currencies get denominated in USD at the time of deposit.

10. Are there fees when using Smart Balance?

Yes, there are service fees deducted when you use Smart Balance for payment.

Service fees for Smart Balance are calculated as follows:

  • Non-GAL Deposits: 10% of the total gas fee, with a minimum fee of $0.01.

The standard service fee is 10% of the total gas fee, with a minimum fee of 0.01 USD.

11. What information is available to understand Smart Balance?

We have a product walkthrough and a step-by-step guide for Smart Balance.

New users can refer to the walkthrough for a detailed introduction to Smart Balance.

It provides an overview of what Smart Balance is, why it is beneficial, and how you can utilize it for various transactions across Galxe.

To learn what Smart Balance is for, click here.

12. Can I use Smart Balance on mobile devices?

Smart Balance is accessible on web browsers and mobile web platforms, ensuring users can manage their transactions conveniently from a wide range of devices.

To learn more about Smart Balance, review this step-by-step guide here.

13. What are the terms of using Smart Balance?

Smart Balance Terms of Use

Good question!

Please note, Smart Balance has terms and conditions that you must read and agree to before using Smart Balance.

These terms are subject to change and, as such, should be referenced whenever you get asked to agree to them on

By utilizing Smart Balance, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Non-Withdrawable: You CANNOT withdraw any balance or credits from your Smart Balance. The balance must be exclusively used for gas payments and Galxe passport services on

  2. Exclusive Use: Your Smart Balance is solely usable on, cannot be utilized in, and does not have any value in any other capacity anywhere else.

  3. USD Denomination: All Smart Balances are denominated in USD. The prevailing exchange rate determines the amount of your Smart Balance at the time of the transaction, which means that when you deposit using non-USD funds, your deposited amount will be calculated based on the prevailing exchange rates.

  4. Service Fees: Using Smart Balance incurs a service fee. The service fees are as follows:

    1. Non-GAL Deposits: 10% of the total gas fee, with a minimum fee of $0.01.

For a complete walkthrough of Smart Balance, refer to this step-by-step guide.

If you have any more questions or need assistance reach out to support.

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