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Effortlessly Manage Your Discord Server with GalxeBot
Effortlessly Manage Your Discord Server with GalxeBot
Learn how GalxeBot can enhance your Discord server with its useful features
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GalxeBot is an excellent tool for Discord servers, as it offers a variety of new and useful features for both members and admins. The bot simplifies the process of managing and controlling a Discord server, making it more efficient for everyone. With GalxeBot, the possibilities are endless!

To function properly, GalxeBot requires these permissions:

- Manage Roles

- Manage Channels

- Create Invites

- Read Messages & Read Message History

- Add Reactions

- Use Application Commands

- Connect

Manage Roles

Galxe Bot uses this permission to create roles for your Discord role campaign and assign them to users who complete the campaign or remove them from the user. Additionally, this permission is used to verify all roles in your server when creating Discord member credentials in Galxe.



- Only the owners or admins of the Galxe Space connected to the server are allowed to create roles for their own server.

- Any user can create Discord member credentials for all roles and access them.


GalxeBot does not store any data and only retrieves it when needed.

Manage Channels

GalxeBot uses this permission to create an exclusive channel for your server and add members to it when they achieved the required loyalty points for entry.



Only the owner or administrators of a Galxe Space and of the respective server are authorized to create channels for their server.


Galxe Bot saves the ID and name of your space's exclusive channel.

Read Messages & Read Message History

GalxeBot is authorized to track user messages in your server with this permission.



GalxeBot tracks the daily number of messages sent by each user per channel, without recording message content.


GalxeBot monitors the users' involvement in AMA sessions with this permission.



Galxe Bot tracks when user's join and leave the AMA channel.

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