Galxe Partner ID

Your Partner ID is a unique identifier that resolves to your Space on Galxe. It's handy to know how to find it.

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Galxe Partner ID is a unique identifier for your Galxe Space— every Space on Galxe has one.

If you are applying for the Galxe Space Verification Program, it's handy to know your Galxe Partner ID.

Your Partner ID is a number that resolves to your Space, it's located in the URL of your Space.

How to Find Your Partner ID

Follow the steps below to find your Partner ID on Galxe:

  1. First, navigate to your Space.

  2. Click on "Manage" to access your space profile or My Spaces via your profile menu.

  3. From your Space's dashboard, you can find the Partner ID in the URL.

    For example: The Partner ID is 28.

You're all set! Knowing how to find your Partner ID is important. 🤞

It helps when creating a ticket, asking for support and it may come in handy during other situations.

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