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Galxe ID V2: Support for Multiple EVM Addresses
Galxe ID V2: Support for Multiple EVM Addresses

Ever needed more than one EVM address for Galxe? Introducing Galxe ID V2 and support for multiple addresses!

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Binding Multiple EVM Addresses to Your Galxe ID

In a groundbreaking move to enhance user experience, we are thrilled to introduce the ability to bind multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) addresses to a single Galxe ID.

This feature enables greater control, flexibility, and ease of use in your decentralized journey. Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding this innovation.

What is the Benefit of Multiple Addresses?

Galxe ID is your unique identifier within the Galxe universe.

With the new feature of binding multiple EVM addresses, your Galxe ID becomes a powerful tool, allowing you to manage various digital identities across different EVM chains seamlessly.

⭐️ You're no longer limited to one EVM address on Galxe!

It's an integration designed to align with your diverse needs and to inspire a new way of interacting with Web3.

What Do Primary and Secondary Addresses Mean?

In the context of multiple EVM account binding, it's essential to grasp the concept of primary and secondary addresses:

  • Primary Address: This central identity is vital for external display, verifying credentials, claiming rewards, and receiving rewards across EVM chains. It's the heart of your digital interaction.

  • Secondary Address(es): These auxiliary addresses provide additional layers of identity management, enabling more intricate interactions and credential verification.

How Do I Bind My Account?

After choosing a primary and secondary address, the binding process is straightforward!

Here's a closer look:

  • Associate one primary address and up to two secondary addresses with your Galaxy ID.

  • Addresses with specific permissions, like Space Owners and Admins, cannot get bound.

  • Binding a secondary address from another Galxe ID must be unbound first.

  • Primary addresses with secondary addresses must be fully unbound before proceeding.

  • You can unbind a primary address already bound to a Galxe ID when it's NOT tied to any secondary address.

ℹ️ Note: The original Galxe ID and points will get reset.

And, NO double dipping.

You can't participate in Campaigns twice or earn double rewards!

Unbinding Your Addresses

Should you wish to change or update your addresses, the unbinding process offers simplicity and flexibility:

  • Unbind secondary addresses first, followed by the primary address.

  • Secondary addresses can be unbound directly from the settings page.

  • Special considerations apply to addresses used in campaign verifications.

Embracing the Future with Galxe ID V2

Binding multiple EVM addresses to your Galxe ID symbolizes a leap into a more integrated and responsive digital universe.

It represents our unwavering commitment to putting you at the center of technological innovation. It's more than a feature; it's a philosophy—a testament to our belief in empowerment, choice, and endless possibility.

At Galxe, we're not just following the future but creating it with you.

For more information, personalized support, or detailed guidance on this extraordinary feature, contact our dedicated team here.

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