Creating a Space on Galxe

Learn how to create a Space on Galxe, our Dashboard is now permissionless! Anyone can enjoy Galxe's features and products.

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What is a Galxe Space?

Galxe Space is where your project lives on Galxe. It's a public profile that users can follow, view, and participate in the campaigns you create. Space Admins can also log in to their Space to manage campaigns and NFT contracts.

It's important to keep your Galxe Space up to date with as much information as possible. We also highly recommended to link all your social networks to your Galxe Space, so your followers can easily find and connect with your project.

What do I need to know?

Galxe has introduced Permissionless Space Creation, making it easier than ever for users to create and manage their spaces.

Anyone can create a Space on Galxe after meeting a few requirements!

  1. 200 Twitter Followers or more: You need at least 200 followers on Twitter to get started.

  2. Deposit 300 GAL or an Invitation Code: To initiate your Space, you must either deposit 300 GAL or use an invitation code.

  3. Link Discord. (Optional)

In this article, we'll explore the essential elements of this new process.

How to Create a Space on Galxe

Creating a Space on Galxe is permissionless and easy.

Step 1: Access the Space Creation Page

  • Sign in to Galxe with a wallet of your choice.

  • Click your Galxe profile icon at the top right corner

  • Click "My Spaces."

    If you’re already logged in on Galxe, simply click here.

  • Click "Create Space" to proceed

Step 2: Enter Your Space Info

On the Space Creation Page, provide the following information:

Part One

  • Name: Choose a unique name for your Space. (Names get reserved; you'll get prompted to pick another if it already exists.)

  • Introduction: Write a brief and engaging introduction to your Space.

  • Logo: Upload a logo in PNG or JPG format, up to 1MB, with a 1:1 portrait aspect ratio.

  • Category: Select up to 5 tags that best fit your Space.

Part Two

  • Socials: Link your Twitter/X account (must have at least 200 followers)

  • Space Reservation: Deposit 300 GAL or enter an Invite Code.

  • Verify Community: Link Discord account (optional)

  • Contact Email: Bind your email to the Space and verify.

Once you've completed these steps, your Space will automatically get created and become a Level 1 Space.

Now, you're ready to engage with your community and explore all that Galxe offers!

💡 Note: There are a few things to remember about your Space!

  1. You are always subject to Galxe's terms for Spaces.

  2. A random URL is generated for newly created Spaces.

  3. Any updates & communications will go to the email binded to the Space.

  4. To access their admin dashboard, they must log in using the same wallet address associated with their space. If they attempt to log in with a different wallet address, they will not be able to access their dashboard.

Now Get Ready to Create a Space on Galxe!

We have simplified and automated creating a Galxe Space.

Since the steps are easy to follow and the requirements are minimal, Spaces on Galxe are accessible to any curious explorer.

Galxe's new permissionless space creation process opens up the Dashboard to anyone! Which empowers all the explorers of Galxe. 🚀

What are you waiting for? Create a Space now!

If you need a complete walkthrough of our permissionless dashboard and Space creation process, refer to this article.

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