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GAL Staking FAQs
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1. What is GAL Staking?

Through staking GAL tokens, users can gain access to exclusive voting rights on proposals, play a role in influencing the strategic direction of the Galxe ecosystem, and unlock the potential to receive exclusive rewards such as potential airdrops from other ecosystem participants.

2. How do I activate GAL Staking?

  1. Navigate to Galxe: Visit

  2. Choose GAL Staking: Select “GAL Staking” as your destination.

  3. Connect Your Wallet: Log in and connect your preferred wallet in Galxe.

  4. Click on "Stake": Click the "Stake" button in your GAL Staking dashboard.

  5. Select Network: Choose either the BNB or Ethereum network for GAL Staking.

  6. Enter Stake Amount: Stake the amount of GAL tokens you want to stake.

  7. Enter Referral Code: Enter your referral code if you have one.

  8. Review Terms: Read and agree to the GAL Staking Terms and Conditions.

  9. Confirm Transaction: Review your transaction details carefully.

  10. Sign Transaction: Approve the transaction from your wallet.

  11. Wait for Confirmation: Allow time for the transaction to be confirmed.

  12. Monitor Your Stakes: Keep track of your GAL holdings on your dashboard.

3. Is there a minimum amount required to stake GAL tokens?

No, there is no minimum amount needed to stake GAL tokens.

4. What networks are supported for GAL Staking?

BNB Chain (BEP20) and Ethereum (ERC20). You can verify the official GAL contract here.

5. Can I stake GAL tokens from multiple wallets?

Yes, you can stake GAL tokens from multiple wallets using the same Galxe ID. However, please keep in mind that:

  • Your boosted rewards are directly linked to your Galxe ID.

  • Before changing or unbinding a wallet, you must first unstake all GAL tokens from it.

  • When unstaking, you can only withdraw the amount staked from the specific wallet.


🧠 E.g.: You're Galxe ID-8, and you've staked a total of 300 GAL with two wallet addresses—address A (100 GAL) and address B (200 GAL).

If you choose to unstake 300 GAL:

  • Unstake 100 GAL from wallet address A by logging in with A.

  • Unstake the remaining 200 GAL from wallet address B by logging in separately.

If you opt to unbind wallet A:

  • First, ensure all 100 GAL from wallet address A have been unstaked before the unbinding process.

6. Can I refer friends to GAL Staking and earn rewards?

Yes, referring friends to GAL Staking can boost your rewards by up to 50%, depending on the amount they stake before the snapshot period. Here's how it works:

  • To qualify for referral rewards, your friends must input your referral code when they stake their GAL.

  • The Referrals Dashboard refreshes daily at UTC 00:00.

  • The boost rewards on your dashboard are estimates, derived from the total amount staked by your referrals, as illustrated in the table provided.

7. What are the benefits of GAL Staking?

  • Exclusive voting rights on proposals

  • Influence the strategic direction of the Galxe ecosystem

  • Access exclusive rewards, including potential airdrops from Galxe Compass projects, partner tokens, and whitelist spots

  • Stay tuned for additional benefits to be announced soon...

8. How does GAL Staking work?

Through staking GAL, you will unlock exclusive voting rights, the ability to participate in governance, and potential to receive airdrop rewards from ecosystem participants.

9. How do I check my GAL Staking balance and rewards?

You can monitor your GAL staking balance and rewards by visiting

For a more detailed description, access the comprehensive guide here.

10. How are rewards calculated in GAL Staking?

The rewards calculation methodology in GAL Staking varies based on the specific reward structures that will be announced before any snapshot events. This information will be available through

11. How often are rewards distributed in GAL Staking?

Rewards distribution frequency in GAL Staking varies. For the most up-to-date information on reward distribution schedules, kindly refer to or the official Galxe communication channels.

12. Are there any fees associated with GAL Staking?

Yes, there are gas fees associated with GAL Staking, specifically for approving the transaction.

13. Can I unstake my GAL tokens at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to unstake your GAL whenever you choose. You can also adjust the unstake amount according to your preferences. However, keep in mind:

  • Impact on Boosted Rewards: Any unstaking action nullifies the accrued boost rewards, even in promotional periods.

  • Impact on Referrer Boosted Rewards: If you've used a referral code while staking, unstaking your GAL will affect the boosted rewards of your referrer.


🧠 E.g.: Galxe offers a 20% boost reward for staking if you stake by 8th May, 2024, at 12 AM UTC.

Stake 50 GAL on May 1 without unstaking:

  • Earn a 20% boost reward until your next unstaking.

Stake 50 GAL on May 1 and unstake 50 GAL on 3rd May:

  • Earn a 20% boost reward from May 1 - May 3.

  • Upon unstaking, boost reward resets to 0%.

Stake 50 GAL on May 1, unstake 10 GAL on 3rd May, then restake 100 GAL on 6th May:

  • Earn a 20% boost reward from May 1 - May 3.

  • Upon unstaking, boost reward resets to 0% between May 3 - May 6.

  • Upon restaking, earn a 20% boost until your next unstaking.

Stake 50 GAL on 1st May, unstake 10 GAL on 9th May, then restake 10 GAL on 20th May:

  • Earn a 20% boost reward from May 1 to May 9.

  • Upon unstaking, boost reward resets to 0%.

  • Despite restaking on 20th May, as the boost period has ended, boost reward remains at 0%.

Your staking decisions throughout this period dictate the duration of the boost. Any subsequent unstaking action will nullify the boost on your GAL stake.

14. Is there a Lock-Up Period after unstaking GAL tokens?

Yes, there's a mandatory 7-days Lock-Up Period before your tokens are returned.


🧠 E.g.: You're Galxe ID-8, and you've staked a total of 300 GAL with two wallet addresses—address A (100 GAL) and address B (200 GAL).

If you decide to unstake 50 GAL on 10th May, 2024:

  • The unstaked tokens (50 GAL) will only be available on 17th May, 2024, at the end of the Lock-Up Period.

15. Can I cancel my unstake request during the Lock-Up Period?

Yes, you have the option to revoke your unstake request before the Lock-Up Period ends.


🧠 E.g.: You're Galxe ID-8, and you've staked a total of 300 GAL with two wallet—address A and address B. On 10th May, 2024, you initiated an unstake request for 50 GAL.

If you choose to cancel the unstake request:

  • You must do so before the Lock-Up Period ends, which is before 17th May, 2024.

16. What happens if my referred friend unstakes their GAL tokens?

If your referred friend decides to unstake their GAL tokens, it may decrease the total amount staked by your referrals, therefore, impacting your boosted rewards.

  • You can check the status of your referral boost on the Referral Dashboard, which refreshes daily at UTC 00:00.


🧠 E.g.: You refer your friend Alisa to GAL Staking, and she decides to stake 1100 GAL tokens with your referral code, bringing your total referral staked amount to 1100 GAL and boosting your rewards by 50%.

If Alisa unstakes 780 GAL tokens on 10th May, 2024:

  • Your referral boost rewards may drop to +10% on 11th May, 2024 as your total referral staked amount drops to 320 GAL.

  • However, this adjustment is provisional until the end of the 7-days Lock-Up Period for Alisa, scheduled for 17th May, 2024.

If Alisa revokes the unstake request on 16th May, 2024:

  • Your referral boosted rewards will be restored to their initial value, reflecting the total amount staked by Alisa.

17. Can I participate in other Galxe activities while staking GAL?

Yes, you can still participate in other activities on Galxe while your GAL tokens are staked. Staking your GAL tokens does not restrict you from engaging in other activities or functionalities offered by Galxe.

18. Is GAL Staking available in all countries?

Galxe Earn and Galxe Staking may not be available in certain jurisdictions. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

19. What are the terms of using GAL Staking?

Users are bound by the broader Galxe Terms of Use.

20. What security measures are in place to protect my staked GAL tokens?

GAL Staking was audited by SlowMist for added security.

Galxe prioritizes user asset security with rigorous protocols, we’re committed to ongoing enhancements for risk mitigation. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Disclaimer: All rewards are provided by third parties. Galxe does not guarantee any rewards and the terms of any such rewards are determined by their respective third-party providers and may change at any time. Participation in any Galxe Earn or Staking program is at your own risk. Galxe is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered as a result of your participation. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Your Feedback Matters

As we roll out GAL Staking and introduce these exciting new features, we remain committed to providing the tools that enhance your Web3 experience while elevating your rewards. With that, your feedback is the driving force of our future improvements. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Access a brief overview of GAL Staking here.

  • Step through GAL Staking with our comprehensive guide.

  • Need assistance? Chat with our support team here.

  • Share your ideas and suggestions with the Galxe Community here.

  • Unlock additional perks by applying for our Contributor Program.

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