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Step-by-Step: Adding Secondary EVM Addresses to Galxe
Step-by-Step: Adding Secondary EVM Addresses to Galxe

Ever needed to keep things private, or do you need more than one address to use Galxe? Harness Galxe ID's newest upgrade & add a new one.

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What Is A Secondary Address?

Do you ever need to keep things private, or do you need more than one address to use Galxe?

With Galxe V2, you can now bind more than one address to your Galxe ID.

You can have up to three (3) addresses connected to Galxe but attached to the same account!

Increase the number of campaigns you qualify for, organize your tasks, keep your Galxe Passport protected, merge accounts & enhance your campaign strategies across Galxe.

Galxe ID V2 grants a more fluid and versatile experience when using Galxe.

*Space owners and admins can log in with a secondary address, even from a different wallet provider, to manage their Galxe space and quests.

Keep reading this guide and follow these four (4) steps below to learn how to bind a Secondary address to Galxe:

Why Do I Need A Secondary Address?

Before diving in, familiarize yourself with the key terms and processes surrounding binding and unbinding accounts with Galxe.

There are two types of addresses, Primary and Secondary, and binding them together is a two-step process.

The basics of binding multiple addresses:

  • Primary Address: Your central hub for managing rewards and credentials.

  • Secondary Address: Additional addresses for more extra layers and further levels of interaction & verification.

With a recent upgrade to Galxe ID, enjoy easily adding a Secondary address to Galxe.

To learn more about Galxe ID V2, click here.

Step 1: Choose your addresses

Make sure to have a clear plan regarding which addresses will be your primary and which ones will be secondary.

The process of binding secondary addresses:

  1. Bind a Secondary address: Choose an address to earn credentials.

  2. Switch to the address you want to add: Sign a message to confirm the binding process.

ℹ️ Note: You can add up to two (2) secondary addresses.

A total of (3) EVM addresses can get connected to Galxe.

Step 2: Navigate to Your Profile Settings

To add a Secondary address, navigate to your profile settings.

Find and click on the Wallet Address tab.

Your screen should look like this 👇

⁉️ FAQ: Curious what your Primary Address is?

Your Primary Address is publicly displayed and all rewards get sent there.

When you view your wallet address tab in your profile settings, a Badge (🎖️) is directly beside your Primary Address on Galxe.

Step 3: Add Secondary Addresses

Think of your Primary Address as your 'main address.'

You'll use secondary addresses to verify credentials, which aren't displayed publicly.

How does it work?

Simply put, after you navigate to the wallet address tab in your profile settings, you will see an option to add additional EVM addresses to Galxe.

Make sure you connect your Secondary Address to Galxe 👇

Some things to remember:

  • First, connect to Galxe with your Primary Address, then head to your profile settings.

  • After finding the option to add your secondary addresses, it's straightforward, but you'll need to connect your Secondary wallet to Galxe if you want to bind it.

  • Switch to the Secondary Address you want to bind with Galxe.

  • Ensure your details are correct: you want to pay attention to avoid connecting the wrong address.

⭐️ Tip: Double-check the addresses to avoid any errors.

If you have not connected your Secondary Address to Galxe, the button in Step 2 will be disabled.

This is the screen you will see when you still need to connect the address you want to bind 👇

Step 4: Sign a Message with Your Wallet

Once you input the addresses, a verification process will begin.

A prompt will appear in your wallet, asking you to sign a message to ensure the wallet is yours.

Wallet signatures are a gas-free way to confirm ownership of an address.

The Signature prompt in your wallet will look like this 👇

Follow the on-screen prompts and the directions in your wallet to verify the ownership of the addresses.

After signing, your account will look like this 👇

ℹ️ Note: Switch Back to Your Primary Address and Refresh to add another Secondary address or unbind it.

Galxe ID V2 FAQs & Limitations

Merging Existing Accounts

What happens to existing accounts or Galxe profiles I already set up?

Sometimes, you may have already set the Secondary address you wish to bind to your Galxe profile.

Don't worry; you will see a prompt confirming that you will 'Merge' the accounts.

The prompt should look like this 👇

⛔️ Warning: Merging accounts is a permanent action.

If you confirm a merge, the original Galxe ID attached to the Secondary address gets deactivated and no longer exists.

Unbinding Addresses

To remove your secondary address, connect to Galxe with your Primary Address.

In case you adjust your addresses or want a change

How to unbind your addresses:

  • Navigate to the settings page again.

  • Unbind the secondary addresses first.

  • Finally, undo the primary address if needed.

You should see a 'Trash Can' icon when connected with your Primary Address. (🗑️)

Click the trash can icon to remove your Secondary Addresses.

After clicking the trash can, you will see a prompt like this 👇

It reads: "After unbinding, this address will no longer be used for credential verification, and campaigns that have already been verified with your current address will not be re-verified."

Once you remove your Secondary addresses, they will no longer get used to earning credentials and completing campaigns.

It's important to note that campaigns already verified with that address will not be re-verified. (You cannot redo campaigns again.)

⚠️ Wait: Ensure you do not want to use your Secondary Address to complete tasks BEFORE removing it.

Limitations of Binding and Unbinding Addresses

Know the binding and unbinding rules:

  • You cannot bind addresses meant for space owners or admins.

  • Unbinding is possible, but start with your secondary addresses first, followed by the primary one.

  • Initiate the unbinding process directly from the settings page.

You're Ready to Use Multiple EVM Addresses on Galxe

Congratulations explorer!

You have successfully mastered binding and unbinding multiple EVM addresses to your Galxe ID, unlocking a world of possibilities in the decentralized space.

Feel free to explore and make the most of this exciting feature.

Remember, for direct assistance, contact our support team.

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