How do I create an NFT on Galxe?

Ready to reward your community or engage your following? Read this how-to guide and learn to deploy an NFT Contract on Galxe with no code.

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Have a Space on Galxe?

As a Space owner, you have a dashboard that lets you manage and reward your community with different rewards, like NFTs.

With Galxe, you can deploy a new NFT Smart Contract with no code!

Head to your Space to Launch a Campaign with NFTs 👇

Navigate to the NFT Contract tab to manage NFTs on Galxe.

First, to create NFTs on Galxe, you'll need to create a smart contract 👇

🔭 Campaign Tip: Use OATs to reward your community using Galxe's Contracts

Add Details to Your NFT

Creating a contract on Galxe is easy; you only need to set up a few properties.

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Step-by-Step: Deploying an NFT

Before deploying your contract, you need to add the following details:

  • Name: Enter a name for your NFT Contract

  • Symbol: Enter a Symbol (Aim for 3-4 Characters at most)

  • Network: What network do you want your NFTs to be on?

  • Transferable: Do you want people to transfer the NFTs? Yes or No

You should see this screen below 👇

ℹ️ Note: You are required to pay network fees when you deploy a contract!

The cost of transactions are related to the network you choose.


Since blockchains are open, NFTs are often bought, sold, or traded through third-party marketplaces like Opensea.

Enabling the 'transferable' setting means users can transfer NFTs created through your smart contract.

Use Galxe to Reward Your Community With NFTs

After deploying a smart contract, select it from the first drop-down on the campaign page and create NFTs at your leisure!

This process involves uploading your digital asset (like an image, music file, or GIF) and setting a name, traits and distribution method.

Set the parameters for your NFT and hit next.👇

Once you create your NFT, it's on the blockchain forever and can be earned on Galxe in various ways, like through a campaign or mintlist.

Using NFTs in Your Campaigns

Galxe makes it easy to create NFTs and reward your community with campaigns.

Reasons for using campaigns:

  • Engaging users

  • Rewarding active participation

  • Increasing loyalty

Choose your reward type and engage your following!

Learn more about campaigns on Galxe here. 👈

Using a Mintlist on Galxe

Use a Mintlist to allow a set of users to mint your NFTs!

Reasons for using a Mintlist:

  • Ranking users by class

  • Rewarding loyalty based on historical activity

  • Allowing a specific set of users to claim your NFTs

Set your credential group to target your users and create your Mintlist.

Learn more about Mintlists on Galxe, here.

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