Guide to Building a Mintlist Campaign

Looking for a way to distribute your project's NFT?

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What is an NFT Allowlist?

Mintlist, also known as an NFT Allowlist, is a list of people who are allowed to participate in a specific non-fungible token (NFT) sale or auction. By creating an allowlist, you can make sure that only trusted buyers, who are willing to pay for the NFT, are allowed to participate in the sale.

Creating your Mintlist Campaign

  1. From your Space Dashboard, click on "Create".

  2. Select "Create a Mintlist".

Mintlist Info

  1. Complete the necessary information.

    1. Title: Enter a catchy and attention-grabbing title for your campaign.

    2. Description: Write a detailed description including an introduction to your NFT collection and the credentials users need to fulfill to participate in the campaign.

    3. Register Period: Set the registration period during which users can fulfill the requirements and participate.

    4. Who can see this campaign: Preview your campaign by setting it to Private before making it Public to ensure everything is running smoothly.

  2. Click "Next" to continue.

Allowlist Setting

  1. Select Participants ID Type
    This refers to the type of wallet addresses you are collecting from users for the allowlist, depending on the chain your NFT is being listed on.

    1. EVM Address (EVM Compatible Address EG: Polygon, BNB Chain)

    2. Solana Address

    3. Aptos Address

  2. Select Allowlist Distribution Method

    1. FCFS: Users who fulfil the requirements will be included in the allowlist if there is availability.

    2. Raffle: Users who fulfil the requirements can participate in the raffle. Winners will be randomly selected at the end of the Register Period.

  3. Enter number of Winners

  4. Provide detailed information to help participants understand your collection.

  5. Upload Banners and Explore Card Images

    1. Banner is displayed at your campaign page, upload an image of size 1800:240.

    2. Explore Card acts as a thumbnail for your campaign, upload an image of size 428:160.

  6. Click "Next".

Fill up the “Credentials” Component

  1. Select on the credentials you have created for setting up the requirements.

    Usage of Sybil Prevention Credential is recommended.

    Sybil Prevention Credentials available:

  2. Click on "Release" to launch your Mintlist!

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