Campaign Collections on Galxe

Use campaign collections on Galxe to create a large quest or mission. Engage your community in more ways and encourage active participation!

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What is a Campaign Collection?

A campaign collection allows Spaces on Galxe to organize their campaigns.

They are also great for grouping campaigns into a more comprehensive quest or mission.

Using collections on Galxe is a valuable way to reward users for being loyal and participating in your campaigns; with collections, you can give out different types of rewards, which grants more flexibility when awarding your community for their efforts.

Follow the rest of this article to learn more about collections, including setting them up, taking advantage of them, and configuring them via your Space's dashboard.

How to take advantage of Campaign Collections

Taking advantage of campaign collections on Galxe is easier than you may think.

You can create campaigns specifically for collections or add existing active campaigns.

Select' Create' on your Space dashboard to create a new campaign. From there, you'll get an option to create a collection. It's beside the option to create a standalone 'single' campaign.

After creating a collection, you can create campaigns directly from the collection page or add 'Active' campaigns to existing collections.

You'll find options on your screen to create new campaigns or add existing ones 👇

Setting Up a Campaign Collection on Galxe

To set up a campaign collection on Galxe, ensure you have a banner, collection cover image (for the explore card) and an idea of what campaigns you want in your collection.

Image dimensions:

  • Cover: PNG, GIF, WEBP, SVG, JPG.

    • Max 5mb.

    • Recommend 5:6 Portrait

  • Banner: PNG, GIF, WEBP, JPG.

    • Max 20mb.

    • Dimensions 1800x360 size fits best

Note: The URL configuration for collections differs from 'single' campaigns.

This is the URL configuration:

Notice the word 'Parent' at the end of the URL; this signifies that the campaign is a collection.

Adding Campaigns to a Collection

Create campaigns before you create a collection, or create them directly from the collection page.

You can also toggle 'Sequence,' meaning participants must complete each campaign in the order displayed.

Each campaign will need to be completed sequentially to complete the entire campaign and finish the collection.

You'll find the option to toggle sequential campaigns via the second step of the collection set up 👇

If you toggle on the 'Sequence' option, you can always rearrange your campaigns and choose which ones you want completed first!

Example of a Campaign Collection

Looking for an example of a Campaign Collection?

Each module of MissionWeb3, is a campaign collection!

Take Advantage of Campaign Collections Today!

Now that you know how campaign collections work create one today!

Take advantage of an engaging and unique way to organize your campaigns on Galxe 🔢

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