What's a Galxe Space?

Interested in learning more about Spaces on Galxe? Learn about the features of your dashboard.

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Why Should I Create A Galxe Space?

Galxe helps all Web3 projects build robust communities authentically using quest-based Campaigns, rewards, and loyalty points.

On Galxe, Spaces are where the magic happens. 💫

Your Dashboard is where everything begins, from Campaigns to automated reward distribution and a loyalty leaderboard.

This quick overview will guide you through managing your Space and getting the most from your Dashboard on Galxe.

⚠️ Wait: Before you go further you may need a Space First!


ℹ️ You need to know: You can only create a Galxe Space with EVM addresses.

Let's begin by setting up a Galxe Space page for all your future campaigns!

What's the Dashboard?

Galxe Spaces are a project's public profile where all their Campaigns live.

Every Space has a powerful tool, the Space Dashboard.

️ Tip: Some features of the Dashboard include

  • Access/Create credentials

  • Manage campaigns, mintlists & tasks

  • Deploy NFT Contracts & handle rewards

  • Leaderboard management & Community data

  • Subsidize network fees with the Gas Station

  • Edit Your Space Details

Galxe Dashboard Map

Need some help navigating your Spaces features?

Don't worry— reference this graphic to learn where to access features and tools! 👇

Curate Credentials

Galxe supports a ton of on-chain and off-chain credential sources to help you keep track of user participation, achievements, and contributions automatically. 🤖

Setting up your credentials beforehand will save you time when creating campaigns.

🔭 Campaign Tip: Create on-chain credentials before starting your campaigns!

Prestaging credentials will ensure you have ample time to test the functionality of your Queries against the Subgraph/API.

NFT Contracts

Can't code? No worries! 🚀

Galxe has created a simple plug-and-play solution to generate the smart contract for you on over 16 blockchain networks.

ℹ️ Note: Galxe OATs live on a Galxe Contract.

You do NOT need to deploy a new contract for OATs.

Launch Campaigns

Let's create some dynamic campaigns and engage with users! 🎁

It's straightforward to gamify your campaigns with Galxe. And your Dashboard is loaded with features and templates for various campaign styles.

🔭 Campaign Tip: Multiple 'single' Campaigns make up a Collection.

To reward your community effectively, explore templates, mintlists & the different reward mechanisms!

Adjusting Your Space

The details of your Space are not final. You can adjust them. ⚙️

Allowing Space edits is handy for updating your introduction/description, logo, links, token info, network support and more.

To change details or add/remove admins from your Space navigate to the 'Settings' tab found on your dashboard and select 'edit' on the top right corner. 👇

You should see this screen when you are on your edit page! 👇

⛔️ Warning: Only one address can be the owner of a Space on Galxe!

However, a space may have multiple admins with similar privileges.

Dashboard Support

Are you still curious about how to take advantage of your Space? 🤔

When you navigate to your Dashboard, click on the blue bubble on the lower-right portion of your screen. 💬

Someone from the Galxe team can help.

With our chat option, you can talk to someone, create a ticket, apply for a Space, request a Verified Space, or leave us feedback!

We appreciate feedback from our community because it helps us make Galxe better for everyone.

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