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GAL to G Migration FAQs
GAL to G Migration FAQs
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1. What is G Token?

Evolved from GAL, G is at the core of Gravity and Galxe. G is the gas token of Gravity that is used to pay for transactions, secure the network through staking (coming soon), and as a utility token in Galxe product suites. Serving as the primary utility token in both Gravity and Galxe ecosystems, G fuels governance decisions, incentivizes ecosystem growth, and facilitates payments.

2. The benefits of migrating to G?

On top of migrating the existing utilities from GAL, G will be expanding the range of its practicality to serve all users within our ecosystems. Here are what you can do with G:

  • Staking:

    Stake G to actively participate in governance, secure the network (coming soon), and contribute to the long-term sustainability of both Gravity and Galxe ecosystems. Additionally, G stakers gain convenient access to exclusive rewards from applications built by Galxe.

  • Governance:

    G DAO is governed by G holders. Acting as a transparent, secure, and decentralized framework, G DAO fosters unity and progress among its members.

  • Transacting:

    As the native gas token of Gravity Chain, G is utilized for executing and paying for all on-chain transactions.

  • Payments:

    As the utility token in the Galxe ecosystem, G is used to pay fees to applications built by Galxe, including Galxe Quest, Galxe Passport, Galxe Score, Alva, and more.

⭐️ Tip: G can also be used on Galxe Shop, Galxe Earn, and other Galxe products and features. Learn more about all the utilities here.

3. What happens to my GAL after migration?

Your GAL tokens will be burned after a successful migration, and you'll receive the equivalent amount of G tokens in your wallet (at a 1:60 GAL to G ratio) on the same network.


🧠 E.g.: If you migrate 1000 GAL to G on Ethereum chain via migration portal

  • Upon onchain migration, your 1000 GAL tokens will be burnt on Ethereum chain.

  • Upon migration completed, you will receive 60,000 G tokens on Ethereum chain.

4. Is there a deadline to migrate GAL to G?

The migration portal is open for at least a year to provide you ample time to complete this process.

If you do not migrate your GAL within this window, you will still retain your GAL. However, all existing utilities of GAL will fully transition to G.

5. Where can I learn more about Gravity?

You can dive deeper into Gravity on the Gravity Alpha Mainnet website and share your ideas or suggestions with the Gravity Community here.

6. How do I migrate my GAL to G using a web3 wallet?

  1. Visit the migration portal:

  2. Connect your Self-Custodial Wallet (e.g. MetaMask) where you hold GAL.

  3. Choose the network your GAL is on (Ethereum or BNB Chain).

  4. Enter the amount of GAL to migrate (or use "Max" for all).

  5. Review the details (GAL amount, estimated gas fee, G received).

  6. Initiate the migration process by clicking "Approve" button.

  7. Confirm the transaction and pay the gas fee in your wallet.

  8. Wait for confirmation (may take time based on network traffic).

  9. Success! Verify your G tokens in your wallet (same network).

ℹ️ Important Note:

  • Ensure you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the gas fee for the migration transaction.

  • Upon the onchain migration, your existing GAL tokens will be burnt and the new G tokens will be sent to your wallet in a 1:60 GAL to G ratio on the same chain.

7. I have migrated GAL to G, but did not see my G tokens?

You can add G as a custom ERC20 token to your wallet on Ethereum or BNB Chain with the contract address 0x9C7BEBa8F6eF6643aBd725e45a4E8387eF260649.

ℹ️ Important Note:

  • The migration process will take some time depending on network traffic.

  • You can monitor the transaction status within your web3 wallet.

8. Are there any fees to migrate GAL to G?

Yes, there's a gas fee depending on the network your GAL is on. It'll be ETH gas for Ethereum and BNB gas for Binance Smart Chain.

9. What is the conversion rate for migrating GAL to G?

It's a simple 1:60 swap. You'll receive 60 G tokens for every 1 GAL you migrate.

10. What if I get an error during migration?

Please reach out to our support team ( and provide any details you can about the error. Here is what might be helpful:

  • A short video (MP4) showing the exact error message (if possible).

  • Your EVM wallet address (where your GAL is held).

  • The transaction hash (if one exists).

The more information you provide, the faster our team can assist you.

11. Will my GAL on a CEX (Spot) be automatically migrated to G?

We are working directly with supported centralized exchanges to ensure any GAL in your wallet is migrated to G automatically. In other words, you don’t need to perform any manual migration for your GAL on supported CEXes.

The full list of supported CEXes will be updated here.

ℹ️ Important Note:

  • We will have more announcements coming from other exchanges.

  • As a precaution, please check with your CEX for the finer details.

⭐️ Tip:

  • If you are unsure whether your CEX will perform the migration, you can opt to withdraw your GAL onchain and perform a manual migration on the migration portal.

12. My CEX (Spot) doesn't support migration. What are my options?

Not an issue! You can still migrate your GAL manually. Just withdraw your GAL from the CEX (Spot) to an on-chain wallet (like MetaMask) and then use the migration portal. There's a step-by-step guide available too!

13. Where can I find a list of supported CEXes (Spot) for migration?

Supported CEXes (Spot): Binance, Upbit, MEXC, BitMart, Bitget.

We will have more announcements coming from other exchanges. You can find the list of supported CEXes here.

14. What happens to my staked GAL on Galxe after migration?

All GAL staked on our GAL Staking platform will be converted to G automatically after July 19th, 2024 and no actions are required from stakers.

15. My GAL is staked on another platform. Do I need to unstake first?

Yes, for platforms besides Galxe, you'll need to unstake or withdraw your GAL. Once it's back in your wallet, you can use the migration portal to convert your GAL to G.

16. Tell me about G token specifications?

G token will be available as the native token on Gravity Alpha Mainnet and as an ERC20 token on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Base. The details for G token are below.

  1. As the Native Token:

    • G is the native token of Gravity Alpha Mainnet

  2. As ERC-20 Token:

    • Token Name: Gravity

    • Token Symbol: G

    • Initial Total Supply: 12,000,000,000 G

    • Decimal: 18

    • ERC-20 Contract Address: 0x9C7BEBa8F6eF6643aBd725e45a4E8387eF260649

    • Currently Available Networks:

      • Ethereum: Initial supply: 10,000,000,000 G

      • BNB Chain: Initial supply: 2,000,000,000 G

      • Base: Initial supply: 0 G (Note: G tokens will be bridged from other networks to the Base network.)

Your Feedback Matters

Galxe is a decentralized super app and web3’s largest onchain distribution platform. Through its robust infrastructure and product suite of modular AI, digital identity, and blockchain technologies — Quest, Passport, Score, Compass, and Alva — Galxe supports the development of advanced, user-friendly Web3 applications with an emphasis on secure and self-sovereign digital identity management. The recent introduction of Gravity, a layer 1 omnichain leveraging Galxe’s infrastructure, enables developers to tap into Galxe’s 20 million users and create new products that help onboard the world to Web3. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the future of Galxe. Here's how you can contribute:

  • Access a brief overview of GAL to G Migration here.

  • Migrate GAL to G token with our comprehensive guide.

  • Need assistance? Chat with our support team here.

  • Share your ideas and suggestions with the Gravity Community here.

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