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Understanding Galxe Passport
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Galxe Passport

Designed to serve as your universal Web3 identity, Galxe Passport securely stores your identity information and allows you to use it across various applications without compromising your privacy, empowering you to take control over your digital identity data. In addition, your unique Soulbound Token, marks you as a verified individual, enabling you to simplify compliance processes while allowing projects to reduce Sybil attack risks.

Your Data, Your Control

At the core of Galxe Passport is the commitment to put the control of your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) back into your hands. It’s built to empower you with absolute discretion over your personal data, offering the balance between privacy and accessibility. In practice, this means you are in total control over who has access to your PII with and you can revoke it as you see fit.

  • Your encrypted PII on Galxe Passport is fully managed by you and kept secured — your data is never stored in plain text and will not be accessible by anyone (including Galxe) without your explicit permission.

  • Only owners of the Galxe Passport can share their data with external parties under strict consent — using valid, non-replayable signatures, and client side decryption with user password.

  • When external parties receive Galxe Passport data, they should be able to verify its data integrity.

ℹ️ Note: Soulbound tokens cannot be transferred. However, you can revoke your passport if your wallet is compromised.

Convenience at Its Core

With Galxe Passport, undergo a one-time verification to unlock a world of Web3 applications, simplifying access and compliance.

Galxe Passport V2

As Galxe Passport transitions from V1 to V2, all existing and new Passport holders will gain unrestricted access to the upgraded security and enhanced privacy features. These advancements are poised to combat false identities in the industry and propel Galxe to be the largest identity verification solution provider.

Private Data Vault

The Private Data Vault securely stores and manages users' encrypted identity commitments and signed credentials, ensuring both simplicity and top-notch security. It will store new users' encrypted data, compatible with Galxe Identity Protocol, in the Vault. This advancement, leveraging Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) technology, ensures complete privacy while maintaining accessibility.

Facial Re-Verification

Facial re-authentication significantly enhances KYC processes by identifying users who obtained their Soulbound Token (SBT) with fraudulent documents. The need for re-verification may depend on the specific requirements of the quests you participate in. For instance, if a project mandates an updated verification date, users must complete the re-verification accordingly. This flexible approach ensures biometric consistency, strengthens security against Sybil attacks, and improves overall compliance with verification standards.

Galxe Passport Minting Process

For technical data flow, view here.

  1. Persona Identity Verification:

    When asked for your identity information on, a unique identifier (UUID) is generated and sent to Persona, a third-party vendor responsible for identity verification on Galxe. This UUID is temporary and will be deleted once the verification process is completed.

  2. Constructing Galxe Passport:

    With the approved inquiry from Persona, you'll be guided to create your Galxe Passport, which involves a few steps, including signing the data, encrypting it with your chosen strong password, and passing it back to Galxe for secure storage.

  3. Mint Galxe Passport Soulbound Token:

    Once your Galxe Passport is safely stored, you can mint the Galxe Passport Soulbound Token (SBT). This unique NFT certifies your verification status through Galxe, serving as a proof-of-human mechanism for Sybil attack prevention.

Your Feedback Matters

As we enrich Galxe Passport with these exciting new features, we remain committed to providing the tools that enhance your Web3 experience while elevating your rewards. With that, your feedback is the driving force of our future improvements. Here's how you can contribute:

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