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Understanding GAL Staking
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GAL Staking

With the mission to build a decentralized future, we’re excited to introduce a new mechanism to allow users to participate in governance of the Galxe ecosystem and play a role in the future direction of the community. Through staking GAL tokens, users can now gain access to voting rights on ecosystem proposals, play a role in influencing the strategic direction of the Galxe ecosystem, and unlock the potential to receive exclusive rewards ranging from potential airdrops from other ecosystem participants.

Governance Upgrade

We are also proposing enhancements to the Galxe governance process. We propose to transition from voting by GAL token holders to voting by GAL stakers. We believe that this strategic shift will enhance community engagement and ensure that active participants have a more substantial influence on the community’s future direction. The proposal for this governance upgrade is now live. If you're interested in shaping our ongoing improvements and participating in our ecosystem's development, visit the Governance Forum.

Participation Rewards

👉🏻 Early Staker Boost: 20% Boost

Early participants in the governance of the ecosystem can earn a 20% boost as a new GAL Staker during the initial two weeks.

Stake by 8th May 2024, 12 AM UTC

Boosted Rewards

Stake GAL (No minimum amount)


ℹ️ Note: You may lose the Early Staker Boost and will incur a 7-day Lock-Up period if you unstake your GAL.

👉🏻 Referral Booster: 10-50% Boost

Multiply your boost rewards by up to 50% by referring friends before the snapshot period. The more your referrals stake, the higher your boost rewards will be.

Referee Staked Amount

Estimated Boost Rewards

≥300 GAL


≥500 GAL


≥1000 GAL


ℹ️ Note: Keep in mind that referral boost is an estimation and may vary if your referee unstakes their GAL. The Referrals Dashboard refreshes daily at UTC 00:00.

⭐️ Tip: Ensure you stake GAL before receiving your dedicated referral code.

Disclaimer: All rewards are provided by third parties. Galxe does not guarantee any rewards and the terms of any such rewards are determined by their respective third-party providers and may change at any time. Participation in any Galxe Earn or Staking program is at your own risk. Galxe is not responsible for any losses or damages suffered as a result of your participation. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Your Feedback Matters

As we roll out GAL Staking and introduce these exciting new features, we remain committed to providing the tools that enhance your Web3 experience while elevating your rewards. With that, your feedback is the driving force of our future improvements. Here's how you can contribute:

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