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Course 3: Galxe Compass

Welcome to Module 11-Course 3 of Mission Web3. In this course, we introduce you to Galxe Compass— a streamlined airdrop discovery tool!

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Welcome to Module 11-Course 3 of Mission Web3!

Ready to take on the world of airdrops? Before you do, let us introduce you to the Galxe Compass in this module and how it addresses the challenges of airdrops.

Challenges of Participating in Airdrops

  • Trouble filtering worthwhile airdrops – Finding great airdrop campaigns are rare. But do you know what’s not rare? Airdrop campaigns. At any point, you can almost always find hundreds of ongoing airdrop campaigns. The issue with this is that most of these campaigns (and their endless list of tasks) are simply not worth your time.

  • Unclear steps – Often, web3 projects that launch airdrop campaigns expect participants to have working knowledge of the procedure to claim the tokens. While this works for community members who already have experience participating in airdrops, it’s an additional barrier of entry for new users.

  • Disorganized tasks – In certain cases, you’ll find that the campaign may require you to complete tasks on different platforms and websites. This isn’t a problem per se, but wouldn’t it be great to have it all on one page?

What is the Galxe Compass?

With the goal of creating a one-stop hub that makes participating in airdrops feel effortless, we crafted a tool to serve as a wayfinder for those looking to navigate the vast sea of web3 opportunities. Say hello to the Galxe Compass—a seamless way to explore, monitor, and gain rewards through our curated selection of projects.

More specifically, the Galxe Compass is an aggregator that features an AI-powered airdrop watchlist that goes beyond the campaigns hosted on Galxe. It’s where you’ll find all the leading airdrop campaigns across web3, including both official and highly recommended ones, all on one page. Not only that, we took it one step further and allowed you to complete the tasks (including on-chain tasks) directly on Galxe Compass.

Why Use the Galxe Compass?

  • Quality assurance – All the projects on the Galxe Compass are selected and verified by the Galxe team according to the project’s team, funds raised, data, and marketing. Think of this as the first line of defense that greatly reduces the risk of fake airdrops and phishing scams. Not just that, we’re also focusing on the projects that have higher potential for future airdrops so you can focus your efforts on where it matters most.

  • Detailed instructions – Each structured task and step will be demonstrated on the Galxe Compass. Ergo, whether you’re an airdrop veteran or relatively new to web3, you can finish all the tasks easily by simply following the steps.

  • Transparency – We lay it all out for you—all tasks will be labeled with how much time and cost it is estimated to take. This way, you can be the judge of whether a certain campaign is worth your participation.

  • Simple interface – With our specially constructed user interface (UI), you’ll get to avoid the hassle of hopping through a variety of platforms and the endless redirecting to complete tasks. Instead, all the tasks such as staking and swapping can be settled within the Galxe Compass.

  • Campaign management – Ever been in a situation where you’ve participated in so many airdrops that you forget whether you have completed the tasks? So do we. On the Galxe Compass, we have a “Working On” feature where it tracks all the campaigns you’re working on so everything is nice and organized.

Want to Get Started?

Pro tip: Do it now because it’s only free for a limited time.

Check out our blog for a detailed breakdown of how to maximize the Galxe Compass.

Claim your Galxe NFT here, to complete the eleventh module of MissionWeb3!

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