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Course 3: How can I join a DAO?

Welcome to Module 8-Course 3 of Mission Web3! In this module, we will walk you through the steps necessary to join a DAO!

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Welcome to Module 8— Course 3 of Mission Web3!

We’ve covered the basics of a DAO and why they’re important. Now, let’s put that into practice and join an active DAO.

How Can I Join a DAO?

To start with, there are a few basic items you need:

  • A wallet – The wallets you can use depends on the blockchain network in which the DAO operates on. E.g. if the DAO you intend to join uses the Ethereum network, then you can use Ethereum-based wallets such as MetaMask

  • Cryptocurrencies – Having cryptos is for you to purchase the native tokens of the DAO and pay gas fees for transactions

  • Discord or Telegram – These platforms are where most of the communication will happen among community members

  • (Optional) X – Major announcements mostly take place on X, however, they will also be announced on Discord or Telegram channels

Now let’s dive into the real action!

1. Joining the DAO

Contrary to popular belief, the process of becoming a member of a DAO is relatively easy and straightforward. Theoretically, all you have to do to join a DAO is to pick one that seems somewhat interesting, buy its native token, and you’re in. Yeah, no kidding!

Well, we said theoretically because each DAO has its own set of joining criteria, and there are a colossal 19,800 DAOs in existence, according to DeepDAO (at the time of writing). And, each of these DAOs has its set of joining criteria and processes, so covering all of them here would be like trying to catch the Golden Snitch in Quidditch.

2. Participating in Governance

As a member of a DAO, you now have the power to make a difference in how the organization is run and the decisions that will mold the future of the organization. These come in the form of discussions on Discord or Telegram channels, proposals, and even the little details like strategy, budgets, and policies that you can vote on.

This involvement essentially gives you the power to influence where the organization is headed and the rules that govern it. Plus, you also have the option to delegate your votes to fellow members of the organization who share your vision.

For instance, in GalxeDAO, the proposal processing consists of two phases: the Temperature Check and the Formal Vote. The Temperature Check phase must be conducted for a minimum of five days. If there is substantial feedback during this phase, the proposal becomes eligible for advancement to the Formal Vote stage. For more information, check out our detailed governance process outlined here.

3. Contributing to the Project

Your contribution to a project comes in many forms — part of it involves voting for proposals that are in the best interest of the project while the other part involves offering your skills and expertise. The latter can be UX/UI improvements, smart contract security upgrades, offering legal advice, using your marketing prowess to gain more social media visibility, or even the ability to seek funding from investors.

That’s the beauty of a DAO — every action, no matter how small it is, is a stepping stone to a dynamic and robust ecosystem within the organization.

Join GalxeDAO and Vote!

Now that you have learned all there is to know about DAOs, are you ready to start making real change? Get your tokens because it’s time to vote!

To vote on a GalxeDAO proposal, you must hold tokens before a proposal gets created.

Contribute to your first DAO by acquiring some $GAL and casting those votes on Snapshot!

If you have voted in GalxeDAO before or plan to in the future, participate in our GalxeDAO Governance campaign to prove you are a true believer in the power of DAOs.

Besides, you can use your voting credentials to claim a sweet NFT!


ℹ️ Note: Only voters of Snapshot proposals will get to claim the NFT from the Governance Voting Participant campaign.

To earn the NFT for contributing to governance, vote in GalxeDAO!

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