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Challenge: Pool Party Season 1

PoolTogether is on a mission to turn financial freedom into a reality for their users in a transparent, fair and accessible manner.

This protocol features a proprietary tool — Prize Savings — that helps individuals better manage their financials.

Prize savings allows users to make a deposit into the protocol and qualify for randomly distributed prizes daily. The obstacle with this, however, is maintaining user retention among the clients who have not received any prizes.


To solve this, PoolTogether teamed up with Galxe and took the direction of introducing the element of “fun” to users. T

o be specific, the protocol launched an NFT campaign — the Pool Party Season 1 NFTs — in collaboration with Galxe.

Using the Galxe Mystery Box, PoolTogether launched the collectible NFT campaign with eight cards over the course of eight weeks. In each of these weeks, community members were tasked with accomplishing a variety of missions, ranging from depositing in the Pool, engaging with social media posts and testing new features.



At the end of the campaign, a total of 21,872 NFTs were minted. Not only that, PoolTogether’s newsletter saw a heightened growth from 450 to 4,439 subscribers.

1,345 individual wallets tracked more than $5 million deposits and a total of 1,248 addresses voted on the PoolTogether governance.

About PoolTogether

PoolTogether is a protocol for prize savings. Users deposit into the protocol in order to be eligible to win thousands of daily prizes distributed randomly. The prizes are derived from the combined interest of all depositors. Because of this, the protocol is “no loss” meaning depositors can always withdraw all their money at any time.

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