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Ecosystem Campaign: Optimism

Learn how Optimism utilized Galxe to power Quests on OP Mainnet, increasing usage and user retention!

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Challenge: An OPtimistic Learn to Earn Experience

An Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain, Optimism enables developers to deploy instant and scalable smart contacts at a lower cost and higher speed. Through their pioneering “retroactive public goods funding,” Optimism is lighting the spark in web3 entrepreneurs to produce public goods, by encouraging the building of open-source programs and paying creators based on the future usage volume of their creations.

While Layer 1 blockchains focus on building security and decentralization, Layer 2s such as Optimism provides a solution to the “Blockchain Trilemma” and brings scalability to dApps.

“Through user feedback, we learned that our community was eager to learn about new apps on Optimism but often don’t know where or how to begin.” Says Zain Bacchus, the Ecosystem Product Manager at Optimism.

To introduce their ecosystem to a larger audience and better connect with their community, Optimism was seeking an effective and sustainable way to help more consumers discover, explore apps, and meaningfully engage with the Optimism ecosystem.

Solution: Quests on OP Mainnet

The leader in Web3 community building, Galxe has powered numerous ecosystem campaigns for Ethereum-based platforms, including DeFi 101 NFT Campaign in collaboration with CoinGecko and the Arbitrum Odyssey.

When exploring opportunities to help consumers find apps on Optimism, the team chose Galxe as the platform for their own Optimism Quests.

How did Optimism Quests work?

Throughout a 4-month learn-to-earn journey, users were invited to explore 18 different dApps built on Optimism and receive NFT rewards by competing on and off-chain tasks.

The Quests were designed in a structure where all Web3 enthusiasts, no matter their level of experience and interest, could find their way to get started with introductory tasks and ease into more sophisticated ones.

On top of a learning structure with informative tutorials and quizzes, participants were provided the opportunity to experience the dApps. Through swapping, bridging, and more on-chain interaction, users were able to claim exclusive NFTs from all participating projects on Galxe.

The overall campaign resulted in a total of 3.4 million NFTs being minted and participants were more than excited to learn about a variety of dApps and opportunities that Optimism has to offer.

During the quests, users could easily monitor their progress and see how many NFTs they collected 👇

Result: Increased dApp Usage, User Retention and Reach!

What was more impressive than the millions of mints was the retention rate achieved post-campaign.

Comparing the 30-day pre-quest and post-quest data, Dune reported that the Optimism Quests brought almost a 50% increase in all Optimism usage and the number of unique wallet addresses making transactions per day doubled from 11.65k to 25.13k.

In the case of individual dApps, the highest percentage of increase in user acquisition was an incredible 276.9% for Granary, while Perpetual Protocol achieved an incredible increase in 7k new users, from 15k to 22k. Overall, participating projects achieved an average growth of 23%.

Granary had more than 255k participants and Perpetual Protocol had more than 322k participants.

Each Optimism Quest on Galxe used a different app and campaign participants earned unique NFTs for each app they used 👇

“One of the biggest barriers preventing people from exploring more apps was a lack of clarity around those applications’ use cases. By partnering with Galxe, we were able to develop and launch Optimism Quests to onboard and educate new users about some of the most popular apps in the Optimism ecosystem.”

-Zain Bacchus, Ecosystem Product Manager-

Your Web3 Community is Waiting

Galxe is the leading platform for building a Web3 community.

With over 30 million users, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 1800 partners with reward-based loyalty programs.

Are you interested in working with Galxe? Launch a Campaign on Galxe today!

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