How Will Mission Web3 Courses Help Me?
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Mission Web3 is the best way to learn & earn!

Through MissionWeb3, Galxe is pioneering a new learning-to-earn category focusing on authentic proof of knowledge.

Participants in modules earn unique NFTs for their time and effort.

By empowering users with the knowledge to interact with Web3 and giving them an on-chain resume, Galxe and Mission Web3 contributes to the trustless future that Web3 envisions, promoting security, privacy, and ownership.

How can I ensure my security while participating in Mission Web3?

Security is an integral part of Web3 and is one of the fundamental topics covered in the modules.

As outlined in the courses, participants are encouraged to follow best practices for wallet security and other Web3 interactions.

Mission Web3 will help you become comfortable with Web3 and ensure you know how to protect yourself.

How does Mission Web3 help me start my journey in Web3?

You can begin your Web3 journey by starting with Module 1 on Galxe.

As you progress through the modules, you will gain knowledge and earn special NFT and loyalty points!

Get started with module number one here. 👈

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