How do I add Base Network to Metamask?

To claim your NFTs from Mission Web3, you need to add Base Mainnet to your Metamask wallet. Follow this article to learn more!

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To Claim Mission Web3 NFTs You Need to Use Base Mainnet

To claim your NFTs, you'll need Base Mainnet available in your wallet.

Metamask allows you to add a new network with ease. 🦊

Check out this video below 👇

ℹ️ Note: Keep reading for a complete walkthrough.

Adding a Network to Metamask

To manually add a network to Metamask, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the network selector button. (This will display a list of networks that you've added already.)

  2. Click 'Add network' to get started.

  3. MetaMask will open in a new tab in fullscreen mode. From here, find the 'Add network manually' button at the bottom of the network list.

  4. Fill in the fields and click 'Save' to add the network.

After going through the steps above, you will see the recently added network in your wallet. And it will always be there in the future.

How to Configure a New Network

You just need a few details of the chain you want to use, and you can start interacting with that network. 📝

These are the details you need to add a network:

  • Network Name


  • Chain ID

  • Currency Symbol

  • Block Explorer (Optional but helpful!)

How to Configure Base Mainnet

These are the details you need for Base Mainnet:

You can double-check the network information here.

Mission Web3 equips everyone with the tools to navigate the Metaverse!

Get started with module one here. 👈

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