How does Mission Web3 work?
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Learn About Web3, Earn Rewards and Prove Your Knowledge

Mission Web3 is an educational initiative designed by the team at Galxe to guide users through the ever-evolving world of Web3.

We've partnered with the brightest projects to ensure you can effectively navigate the Metaverse! 🛸

Participants begin with four base modules that cover Web3 basics.

Each module offers an exciting and informative course that helps participants build a unique on-chain resume, showcasing their Web3 knowledge and skill.

After completing each module, you can claim a special NFT alongside the loyalty points you earn during each course to show your proof of knowledge!

Galxe releases a new Module every week, providing a continuous learning experience.

The courses are based on a top-secret space mission where users explore the Metaverse and learn about Web3 developments. 🔭

Start Mission Web3 with module number one.

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