What is Mission Web3?
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Learning and Earning with Galxe & Friends

Mission Web3 is the first Web3 course where you can learn about the fundamentals while keeping up with the most recent trends and developments.

With a series of carefully curated modules and courses, Mission Web3 invites everyone to explore.

This isn't just learning through another educational platform but actually building your onchain resume with the top Web3 projects the industry has to offer (MetaMask, Uniswap, Blur, Base, and more).

Courses are a mix of written content and a 3-5 minute video sponsored by each partner, where at the end of each course, users will be required to mint an NFT to showcase their proof of knowledge. 🧑‍🏫

In addition to the base modules for Mission Web3, there will also be bonus modules launching alongside to tap into the latest industry news and trends.

Want to learn more about the courses?

Check out our blog post here.


Jump aboard your shuttle and get started with module number one here. 👈

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