What is a Wallet?

Curious about blockchain wallets and what you need them for? Read this article to learn more about wallets and addresses.

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Why do I need a wallet to use a blockchain?

A blockchain wallet is an application that lets you interact with a blockchain by generating a unique address that you control.

Wallets are user-friendly interfaces for using a blockchain.

Think about a blockchain wallet like a digital account with a few more perks.

Your wallet address gets linked to your GalxeID— a unique identifier across the Galxe! 🚀 🌌

A wallet lets you easily share your public address with others, send and receive crypto and earn NFTs on Galxe!

If anyone other than you gets access to your wallet, they can take advantage of it.

ℹ️ Note: A wallet is an application that lets you use your address.

What wallet should I choose?

The wallet you use will depend on the communities you are part of!

Galxe conveniently supports several wallets:

After you download a wallet, you'll go through the process of creating an address to interact with Galxe.

⛔️ Warning: NEVER reveal sensitive details about your wallet to anyone.

Don't share your password or recovery phrase under any circumstance.

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