What is a Blockchain Address?

Do you have some questions about blockchain addresses? Look through this guide for answers.

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What should my address look like?

A blockchain address is a unique string of characters, usually in a hexadecimal format of numbers & letters.

These strings represent a public address used by a blockchain to identify participants.

On Ethereum and most EVM-compatible networks like BSC, addresses start with 0x.

Example: 0x1871464F087dB27823Cff66Aa88599AA4815aE95 (Galxe OAT Contract)

Check out this article to learn what Networks Galxe Supports 📝

ℹ️ You may only need one public address across multiple chains.

Your Wallet Address & GalxeID Are Related

You'll notice when your visit Galxe that you have an ID. 👇

On Galxe, your wallet address corresponds with an ID and is linked to you when you sign in to Galxe.

The URL format should be: https://galxe.com/galxeid/YOUR_PUBLIC_ADDRESS

ENS Names on Galxe

Public addresses get used to send & receive transactions on a network.

For example, if you send Ether to someone, you send it to their public address or ENS name.

An ENS name can be set as your username on Galxe!

Find this option in your settings. ⚙️

Reference the images below:

Sending Transactions on Galxe

If you need to send transactions, ensure you have some crypto to cover the network fees.

As soon as a block is confirmed, transactions get completed.

The network state changes to reflect the transactions, and accounts are adjusted.

In most cases, your wallet won't let you send a transaction that will fail, and it will tell you if it may not be successful.

A network consumes the transaction fees— you are competing with others and paying for valuable block space.

Because of this, you will not get a refund from network fees unless it's returned by the network as unconsumed units of gas.

ℹ️ Note: Check your wallet for warnings and be cautious when transactions are excessive in cost. (Gas estimation error)

Be careful, nothing can be done about network fees if you send a failed transaction.

Learn more about network fees here.

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