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Streamlining Campaign Management: Tracking User Qualifications
Streamlining Campaign Management: Tracking User Qualifications

Discover how to track user qualifications, download data, and convert social action IDs to usernames

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Tracking user qualifications and downloading data from Galxe's Credential dashboard empowers space administrators to effectively manage campaigns. Additionally, converting social action IDs to usernames provides better visibility and understanding of user credentials. Remember to prioritize caution when utilizing third-party websites for ID conversion. Enhance your campaign management on Galxe by leveraging these tracking and conversion techniques today!

Tracking User Qualifications

  1. Access the Credential dashboard on Galxe.

  2. Locate the desired Credential and click the option button (···) next to it.

  3. From the dropdown menu, select "Download."

Downloading the Data

  1. After clicking "Download," a CSV file containing the data will be downloaded to your device.

  2. Open the CSV file using a spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to view the data.

Converting IDs to Usernames

Credentials data often includes social action IDs instead of usernames. Follow these steps to convert Twitter and Discord IDs to usernames:

Caution: When using third-party webpages for ID-to-username conversions, exercise caution and ensure the reliability and security of the chosen websites.

Converting Twitter ID to Username

  1. Enter the Twitter ID you wish to convert.

  2. Click "Convert."

  3. The user's Twitter username will be displayed after the conversion.

Converting Discord ID to Username:

  1. Enter the Discord ID you want to convert.

  2. Select "Lookup."

  3. Complete the bot verification process by clicking "Press to Start."

  4. The user's Discord username will be revealed.

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