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Boost Engagement with Telegram Credentials on Galxe
Boost Engagement with Telegram Credentials on Galxe
Discover Telegram Credentials on Galxe for enhanced engagement.
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Telegram Credentials empower users to establish trust and foster engagement. Telegram, a secure and widely adopted messaging platform, offers an ideal channel for seamless user interaction within the Web3 community. Whether you're a founder, investor, creator, or passionate user, leveraging Telegram Credentials on Galxe can significantly enhance your experience and propel your success.

Note: Users will need to connect their Telegram account to their Galxe ID.. This process establishes a secure link between their Telegram account and their Galxe profile, enabling smooth and accurate verification.

To successfully create credentials and verify your users using Galxe's Telegram Credentials, follow these steps to add Galxe's Bot (@Galxe_telegram_bot) and grant Admin access:

  1. Open your Telegram Group/Channel settings.

  2. Navigate to the "Members" section and click on "Add" or the plus icon (+).

  3. Enter "@Galxe_telegram_bot" in the search bar.

  4. Select the bot from the search results.

  5. Click on "Edit" to access the group setting page.

  6. Choose "Administrators" and click on "Add Admin" or a similar option.

  7. Grant the necessary permissions and access to the Galxe Bot. All permissions should be deactivated.

  8. Confirm the changes to finalize the Admin access.

Join a Telegram Group/Channel Credential

Get a list of users who join your Telegram group

  1. Select "Join a Telegram Group/Channel" Credential from the Credential Dashboard

  2. Click on the "Add" button through the telegram info then copy the "Invite link" from the telegram group.

  3. Enter the Invite Link for the Group/Channel and click on "Create"

Note: Please ensure that the Telegram group/channel you are using for creating the credential is set to public.

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