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Introducing Galxe’s Space Tier!

By creating campaigns and using the Galxe platform, your project can earn points as users complete tasks and by doing so, grow and level up your Space. As you advance through Space Tier levels, you'll unlock rewards including gas credits and beta feature access.

Keep track of your progress on the Projects page and unlock new benefits by completing various tasks. Start elevating your brand on Galxe today! ✨

Galxe Mintlist

Revolutionize your NFT minting experience with Galxe Mintlist! 🚀

With Mintlist, NFT projects can issue allow-lists based on requirements. This means you can achieve your launch goals like a pro, build your brand's awareness, and grow your social media following like never before! 🔥

So what are you waiting for? Join the NFT minting revolution today with Galxe Mintlist! 💪

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Avalanche OAT

Galxe OATs are now available on Avalanche!

By teaming up with Ava Labs, we’re now able to offer our most popular feature on another chain.

The best part?

AVAX OAT is the only fully subsidized OAT solution on Galxe at the moment!

Get started and launch your first Avalanche OAT campaign today! 🎉

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