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Tokens: A Game-Changing Incentive for Building Stronger Communities
Tokens: A Game-Changing Incentive for Building Stronger Communities
Empowering Community Engagement through the Power of Token Rewards
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Token Rewards are an innovative method of incentivizing and engaging your community. By offering rewards for completing tasks, you can boost user satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.

Create Your Campaign

  1. From your Space Dashboard, select "Create".

  2. Select Create Campaign from the dropdown menu.

Campaign Info

  1. Fill in ALL information

    1. Title: Enter Campaign

    2. Title Description: Provide detailed requirements to be eligible for the campaign.

    3. Campaign Period: Specify the deadline for users to complete tasks and claim rewards or participate in the raffle.

    4. Campaign Visibility: Your campaign will be hidden from public view on the homepage and your Space Dashboard, but can still be accessed through direct links. You can make it public by editing the campaign settings on your Space Dashboard after release.

  2. Click "Next" to proceed.


  1. Select "Token".

  2. Fill up all necessary information:

    1. Token Info: Choose the chain and currency for distribution (custom tokens not supported).

    2. Token Amount: Specify the amount to be given to a single winner.

    3. Reward Distribution: Choose between FCFS or Raffle, with users clicking "Participate" after completing tasks and winners selected at random.

    4. Amount of Winners: Specify the total number of winners.


Supported Chain







3. Once all information is entered, double-check the Deposit Balance to ensure it reflects the correct total amount of Tokens for the campaign before clicking "Deposit".

Click on "Deposit" to authorize the transaction.

4. Once the deposit is complete, you can view the transaction hash and request a refund if necessary.

Screenshot of completed status in green font.

Note: Refunds can only be issued to the admin wallet that made the deposit. It normally takes 14 days for the refund.

5. Click on "Next" to proceed.

How to Participate

  1. Add your Credentials, you'd be able to select a number of Credentials and choose to have participants either fulfill any one(1) or all credentials.

  2. Make sure all checkmarks are green βœ… before releasing your campaign. Note that any missing information will be indicated by an unlit βœ”οΈ, and you will need to fill in those pages.

  3. Upon releasing the campaign, you can then share this campaign.

Made a Mistake?

You can edit your campaign by clicking the dropdown button and selecting "Edit".

Keep in mind that you won't be able to change the token or reward after releasing the campaign.

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