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Galxe Verified Space Program
Galxe Verified Space Program
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Galxe is launching a new feature called verified spaces, which will signify that the space has been verified by Galxe. The verified checkmark means that the space is truly owned by the project’s official team or in the case of an influencer, owned by themselves. Eligible partners will be able to submit an application in order to receive a checkmark next to their space name. To be considered eligible for this new feature, partners will need to meet the criteria outlined below which will then be reviewed by the Galxe team.

Screenshot of Galxe spaces, displaying in a grid format. Galxe Space, BNB Chain space, Polygon Studios space, Alpaca Finance space, CoinGecko space, and Perpetual Protocol space.

As Galxe becomes progressively permission-less, partners will be able to create spaces and campaigns on their own, this feature will allow users to filter and find verified partners by Galxe. We will also be tracking these spaces and reserve the right to revoke the verified status if partners or their campaigns don’t comply with our community guidelines and values.

As always we strongly recommend users do their own research on projects, protocols and campaigns. The space verification badge does not mean that Galxe endorses any campaigns held by the respective space owner. Please always do your own research before purchasing or minting any campaigns offered by the space owner.


Submitting a request for verification does not guarantee that your space will be verified. The following guidelines are meant to give the space owner a general overview but whether the space gets verified on Galxe it is up to Galxe’s discretion based on the best information we can source.

Before we review a submitted space for verification, we require the space to meet the minimum:

1. 5000 Unique Participants (Minted count)

2. Campaign types must consist of either of the following:

  • Full suit awareness campaign

  • Ecosystem campaign

  • Long-term loyalty campaign

3. Credentials must consist of either one of the following:

  • Sybil prevention credential (E.g. Specific holders like ETH transactors, BNB Transactors, Gal holders, etc.)

  • Relevant on-chain tasks

4. Campaign period must be more than 1 month

Note: Minted count for campaigns without the above requirements will not be considered.


Some spaces won’t be eligible for verification review. Some factors that make an account ineligible for review:

  • Spaces that engage in or indicate a willingness to engage in manipulative or deceptive selling, bidding, and offers.

  • Spaces that create campaigns promoting terrorism, hate, and/or violence against, or directly attacking or threatening other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

  • Spaces that create campaigns that use copyrighted material or trademarks without a license, or use a material that infringes on protected rights of publicity.

It is up to Galxe’s discretion, the Space might be determined to be ineligible for verification even if it does not meet one of the ineligibility criteria listed above. Galxe reserves the right to add ineligibility factors at any time.

Revoke verification badge

If you engage in conduct that would disqualify you from space verification eligibility, you will lose your verified badge. Galxe reserves the right to remove the space verification badge at any time for any reason and without notice.

In some cases, violations may result in a space not only losing verified badge but also being banned from Galxe.

How to apply for space verification

If your space meets the criteria for verification listed above, submit a ticket request through our Live Chat today!

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