Galxe Forge Campaigns

Are you getting asked to allow access and transfer your NFTs? Don't worry, you can read this article to learn why it's needed.

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What is a Forge Campaign?

A forge campaign means users can merge multiple NFTs into a single NFT.

When an address holds all the NFTs in a campaign— A, B, C etc. —they can combine them like a master smith. We call it forging!🔥 ⚒️ 🦾

During the forging process, NFTs get sent to the burn address. And through the fire, flames and some chain magic, a unique NFT is forged and minted in their place.

It's like levelling up your NFTs.

Example: Addresses must hold all the required NFTs in the Forge Campaign.

An address holding D, E, W & DEWEY can forge 4 NFTs into 1 Dew x Polygon NFT.

Why does my wallet ask for approval to access & transfer my NFTs?

Are you wondering what it means when your wallet says, "Allow access and transfer all."

Approvals are a necessary component of tokens and their design. Standardized token designs like ERC-721 and ERC-1155 require it. (What is an NFT?)

Since you own the digital assets in your wallet, you need to grant permission to use certain functions or interact with other addresses.

This is known as 'approve' 👇

Without this step, tokens could get transferred from an address without proving ownership.

In this case, you may be trying to Forge an NFT on Galxe! Which means you need to trust a smart contract.

Screenshot of white wallet pop up that requires users to sign, detailing information like gas fee.

You have to grant permission and allow your NFTs to be used on Galxe and during Forge campaigns.

What does a forge look like in the end?

A forged NFT is a combination of more than one NFT. 👇

You can get creative with the end result! Think of it as a new canvas.

Diagram of how burning and forging NFTs work. 3 NFTs displayed on the right side with an arrow going right to "burn and forge" a new NFT. New level-up NFT on the right is shown.

Why else should I know about approving my NFTs?

For a forge to take place, NFTs (A, B and C) need to get burned.

This requires you to approve the contract before the NFTs can get forged.

Forge campaigns are the only campaign that currently requires a user to "Approve ALL" NFTs related to the contract— for the sake of the Forge Campaign.

After approval, access is granted, and your NFTs can get used in Forge Campaigns. Forging combines NFTs together, making them a completely new NFT.

When an address obtains new NFTs from the same contract, you must grant approval for them.

Approvals will last until they are revoked. In some cases, they expire.

By clicking "Approve," you grant access to all NFTs currently owned and related to an NFT contract.

How can I revoke permissions granted to Galxe during Forge Campaigns?

Please refer to the following tutorials and tools to revoke permissions:

Tip: Assume all permissions granted to other addresses need to get revoked.

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