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Step-By-Step: Using Mystery Boxes on Galxe

Mystery Boxes are perfect for creating engaging campaigns that incentivize users to complete campaigns for distinct rewards.

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Utilize Galxe's Mystery Box feature to empower your project. Take advantage of the art of surprise to create engaging campaigns that reward your users with unique rewards.

As a Space user on Galxe, using Mystery boxes grants you considerable flexibility!

When you set up a campaign using Mystery Boxes as the campaign reward, you can set the rarity types, box contents and probabilities within the box.

Choose between reward types:

  • NFT rewards 🖼️

  • Loyalty Points 🥇

With the Mystery Box feature, you can customize the experience and offer unique rewards to your community.

Each campaign will have your users eagerly anticipating the opening of their Mystery Boxes, where they could discover rare and valuable digital assets depending on the circumstances and campaign setup.

How do I Use Mystery Boxes in my Campaigns?

You can start leveraging the power of Mystery Boxes on Galxe by simply choosing them as the reward option for your campaign participants.

To enhance user engagement and create unforgettable experiences for your community, create enticing rewards and suitable tasks.

Follow the guide below for a step-by-step approach to using Mystery Boxes in your campaigns on Galxe! 🎁

The sections of this guide are as follows:

Adding Mystery Boxes to Your Galxe Campaigns

Navigate to your Space on Galxe to begin!

Click "Create Campaign" and then select "Campaign" or "Campaign Template" from the menu that appears.

Alternatively, clicking "Launch Campaign" on the top navigation bar can create a new campaign.

Step 1: Create Campaign

To create a campaign on Galxe, enter all the necessary information and click "Next" to proceed to the second step.

You'll need to provide a campaign title, description, and campaign period (duration/timeframe) and determine the permission (public or private) and other details depending on your chosen campaign type.

Step 2: Select Reward Type— NFT or Points

Next, you must complete the next section by choosing what reward option you wish to use.

This step is important as it will set the expectations for rewards when participating in the campaign.

You may choose either Point Mystery Boxes or NFTs as rewards.

Using Mystery Boxes with NFTs as Rewards

During this step, you will select the respective NFT contract, add your NFTs to the mystery box, and add the NFT name, properties/attributes, and a media file representing the NFT.

First, select the NFT Contract from the list or create a new one via Galxe.

Then, set up the NFTs you wish to have within the Mystery Boxes. This process is similar to creating NFTs on different platforms like Opensea.

Click "+ Add New Mystery NFT" to add NFTs into the box.

You can create different NFTs to put inside the mystery, so there are diverse rewards. Engaging campaigns use different art for varying tiers and rarities.

Add the NFT name, properties/attributes, and a media file representing the NFT. Repeat as needed for different rewards for those that claim Mystery Boxes.

To give your campaigns an extra edge, create unique and meaningful properties. Add distinctive rarities or traits to your NFTs that make them stand out to your community, and acknowledge their contributions creatively.

To upload an image for the Mystery Box, click on the outlined box on the right side to add a file from your device. (This will be the display cover)

Then, use the provided table to adjust probabilities within the box and the chances of earning specific NFTs for completing the campaign 👇

Select "Unlimited" if the number of NFTs is unlimited; this is great for large numbers of participants.

Set a "Minting Cap" (as a number) if you want an upper limit on the NFT supply. This is great for increasing the value based on demand and availability or rewarding a certain number of participants.

For reward distribution, first come, first served "FCFS" is default and currently the only option available.

Using Point Boxes as Rewards

If you toggle "Points Only" via the reward section, Mystery Boxes will be made as rewards that ONLY contain loyalty points. (Toggle is the top right)

Point boxes use a consistent image; you cannot adjust the default image.

Just like Mystery Boxes, which use NFTs for rewards, the provided table can adjust probabilities and the number of points hidden within the boxes.

These values reflect the potential points awarded for completing the campaign and the likelihood a participant will earn them 👇

⚠️ Important: You cannot adjust points after the campaign gets released.

Step 3: Establish Campaign Tasks

In the last step, you set up credentials with your campaign tasks.

You'll get to set up campaign tasks. In this step, toggle "No Task Requirements" if you want the campaign open to all without a task requirement.

You can still include other conditions like "Participation Requirements" to target a specific set of users or community members, enable Sybil protection or utilize an allowlist. An allowlist allows you to either import your data or verify NFT holders.


Set up a task group and include new or existing credentials. Determine the type of task you want based on the campaign you plan to launch.

For all groups, you must determine whether you want participants to complete every task in a group using simple boolean logic: "AND" or "OR."

If you want participants to complete ALL tasks within a group, select "AND" as a check.

If you want participants to complete AT LEAST ONE task within a group, select "OR" as a check.

You may also include a referral option at this stage, allowing you to use your community members to promote your campaign and increase its reach and engagement.

⚠️ Important: After release, you cannot delete task groups.

Review your campaign task groups closely BEFORE release.

Launch Your Mystery Box Campaigns

Congratulations, you're ready to launch your Mystery Box campaigns 🎉

You need to confirm whether to save or release the campaign in its current state. All components must be completed before you can release your campaign.

When you complete a step correctly, it is marked with a green checkmark (✅), indicating it is complete.

When all steps get marked as complete, you can activate the campaign or save it by clicking "Save Draft" or "Release." Go back by clicking "Previous" beside the release button.

To release a campaign, you will get a wallet prompt that asks you to "Sign" a signature. This prompt validates that you are an owner/admin of the Space. (No transaction fees are required)

Good luck with your campaigns 🚀

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