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Galxe places great value and priority on the role of developers in Web3, and embraces the principles of open-source and decentralization.

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GitHub is an online platform that facilitates code hosting, version control, and collaboration among individuals and teams regardless of their location. It simplifies the process of working collaboratively with other developers and effectively manages various project versions over time. By promoting open-source development and streamlining the code review process, GitHub is an essential tool for any developer or team involved in Web3 projects.

Developers hold a crucial position in the Web3 ecosystem, which advocates for open-source development and decentralization - values that Galxe deeply treasures and prioritizes. You can leverage your project's needs to initiate discussions around it and start rewarding your contributors today with our Github Contributor Credential.

💡 Having a Github Contributor Credential is especially helpful during when you launch on Beta or Test Net. It encourages developers to actively participate in the project, elevating the project's brand recognition and fostering stronger brand allegiance.

Github Contributor Credential

Get a public repo’s contributor list based on the commit count

  1. Select "Github Contribute" from the Credential Dashboard

2. From your Repository, select "Code" and copy the link for your credential creation.

3. Input the Repo URL and number of contributions to qualify for this credential. Proceed by clicking on "Create".

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