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Profile and Admin Settings
Profile and Admin Settings
Maintain Your Galxe Space and Work with Your Team
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Galxe Space is an excellent way to showcase and market your project. It is crucial that your Space profile is always up to date with the most recent information and maintains consistency with your other social profiles.

Update Your Space Info

After creating a Space, you can check all the information under “Manage Space”. It's fairly straightforward to update all the information for respective sections (Name, Logo, etc.)

Add / Remove Admin

The primary admin can assign admin roles to additional wallet addresses for your team to work together seamlessly.

Click on "Add New Member" to grant access to additional users,

Click on "Remove" to revoke access of users,

Screenshot of Galxe dashboard of your management space. Gray arrow pointing to "remove" beside "admin" in blue font

Additional Admin roles are granted the same level of access and power as the Space Owner (the original wallet address that applied for the Space), including the rights to:

  1. Create/Manage Campaigns

  2. Create/Manage Credentials

  3. Access Space's Data Dashboard

💡 Note:

  • You can only be the Owner of one Galxe Space, but admin of multiple Spaces.

  • You can create an additional Space for your project, but only with another wallet address. However, you can assign an admin role to your original wallet address for equal access to manage the Space.

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