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Create a Galxe Space
Create a Galxe Space
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What is a Galxe Space?

Galxe Space is where your project lives on Galxe. It's a public profile that users can follow, view, and participate in the campaigns you create. Space Admins can also log in to their Space to manage campaigns and NFT contracts.

It's important to keep your Galxe Space up to date with as much information as possible. We also highly recommended to link all your social networks to your Galxe Space, so your followers can easily find and connect with your project.

Get Started by Creating a Galxe Space

  1. Sign in to Galxe with a wallet of your choice.

  2. Click your Galxe profile icon at the top right corner

  3. Click "My Spaces."
    If you’re already logged in on Galxe, simply click here.

  4. Click "Create Space" to proceed

  5. Submit your application with as much information as possible.

💡 Note:

  1. Space application takes 2-3 working days to process.

  2. All submission statuses will be updated through email. Please check your email for updates and additional information if needed.

  3. Space application approval is subjected to the discretion of the Galxe team.

  4. In order for users to access their admin dashboard, they must log in using the same wallet address associated with their space. If they attempt to log in with a different wallet address, they will not be able to access their dashboard.

After creating a Space, here are the next steps:

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