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Space Dashboard Overview
Space Dashboard Overview
An intro to Galxe’s plug-and-play Dashboard
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Galxe helps all Web3 projects build robust communities the authentic way, through quest-based Campaigns, incentivizing rewards, and a Loyalty Points System.

And Galxe’s Dashboard is where everything takes place - from Campaign creation to automated reward distribution and your own loyalty leaderboard. This quick overview will guide you through how Galxe works.

Galxe Dashboard Map

To kickstart a campaign on Galxe, here is a general guideline and some helpful tips.

1. Create a Galxe Space

Galxe Spaces are a project’s public profile where all their Campaigns live. Let's begin by setting up a Galxe Space page for all your future campaigns!

2. Curate Credentials

Galxe supports a ton of on-chain and off-chain credential sources to help you keep track of user participation, achievements, and contributions automatically. Having your credentials set up correctly will save you lots of time when creating campaigns.

3. Deploy NFT Contracts

Can't code? No worries! Galxe has created a simple plug-and-play solution to generate the smart contract for you on over 16 blockchain networks.

NOTE: Galxe OATs live on Galxe Contract, they do not require a new contract.

4. Launch Campaigns

Last but not the least, let's create some dynamic campaigns and engage with users! It's really easy to gamify your campaigns with Galxe's various Campaign Types.

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